Thursday, April 28, 2016

Walking and a rainbow.

Another weird desert day. Did manage to get in a little under 2 mile walk again. Between rain showers. Just another cactus with it flowers. 
 Here are another couple of the utility boxes that have been painted. We were moving too fast to get a good picture - but it's good enough to see. It is one of my favorites. I like the people on it.
Out during our walk looking north, see the weather moving in. And it got pretty cool real quick. End of walk. Didn't rain over us but it sure was all around us. 
 Cooking a roast with potatoes, onions and carrots for dinner. Yep it is cool enough for the oven to be on. 
I was fixing the meat when I realized how dark it was behind us and that the sun was shining in front of us so I went out to look. Sure enough there was a rainbow. It's just under the red line. I should have gone out a couple of minutes sooner as it was fading fast. 
Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny but more wind and rain over the weekend. Very unusual April here in southern Nevada. Saw some pictures of Wyoming covered in snow so guess I shouldn't be complaining. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Snow, cactus and curtains.

Trying to get in some walking again, but the weather isn't being too cooperative. Today there was a pretty good wind. Walking east was fast, west not so fast. Had to really lean into it. From one part of our community there is a view of the mountains northwest of Vegas. More snow was added over the weekend. Tonight we are supposed to get more rain, very unusual for this time of year. And it will be the same for a while. One nice day then more wind, rain and cold. Until at least the middle of next week. 
 Like to see all the cactus flowers blooming. This plant has a whole lot still to bloom. 
 Some more pretty ones.
 Need to keep watching this one. 
 Managed to get in just about 2 miles today. Came home to find this little friend munching in the back yard. 
 We got the rug we ordered for the Jayco. Fits perfect. Will just roll it up and put it on the bed when traveling. The thing behind the passenger seat is Bill's laptop table all folded up. It actually gets even smaller. It too will travel on the bed. 
 The curtain I cut some off of and put hooks on so we can block off the front windows at night. Takes about three seconds to put it up or take it down. 
 And the curtain I made for the door window. It just slips in with an adjustable tension curtain rod and can be taken down by pulling on it. Might use it to keep the sun out too. 
 I put this picture collage together years ago, it has been in the Alfa and has faded some with time. We all sure were young once. 
Not doing much else, just running errands = going to change the way the pictures in RV kitchen are hung, Decided to frame them, so had to go to two stores to find enough frames that were thin enough to fit behind slide when it comes in. So also had to go out for dinner since we were already out. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Is it still winter?

Hello from COLD, WINDY, SNOWY,and RAINY Las Vegas. Well actually it just snowed on the mountains. But it is cold 11:30 and it is not even 60 out. Wind is blowing so it feels colder and it is raining all around us. Rained on us earlier. Yesterday morning it looked like this. Really nice out. 
Been out and finished our errands already this morning. Had a doctor's appointment with our family doctor and he is still not happy with my blood pressure so he's put me on another pill. I'm going to have to put in a new medicine chest just to hold my pills. So now I have two more appointments for heart related stuff - the two tests that were done showed no problems at all. He has refereed me to a new/different doctor for my chronic infections and other problem. And we both have to go back to family doctor for annual physical. We are never going to be able to take the Jayco on a shake down ride. 
We got the area rug we ordered for the living.dining area in the RV - it looks great. Also figured out how to close off the cab of the RV at night so anyone walking by hasn't see in the windshield and side windows. Also today I'm making a removable curtain for the entrance door's window at night. And that is about it until we go somewhere and discover what we forgot to do or put in there. 
Some one asked about leaping up onto the high bed. Actually there are steps. On Bill's side there is one step on my side there are two. I anticipate bumped toes and bruised shins till I get used to it. Something to think about when buying an RV with a bump out to the back with the bed. You can also see the neat cubbies under the counter next to the bed. Neat place to stash things.
And forgot to mention that I got some plastic things to hold file folders - the Alfa had a file drawer - These will work fine.
The weird orange, green and blue thing is a small box of Kleenex that just happened to be in front of where I was holding the camera to get the angle for the file folders. Took me a while to figure out what it was. 
Unhappy about the race result yesterday - thought Kyle had it won. But good driving on Carl's part. At least it was a Gibbs car. And Barcelona has finally stopped their losing streak. They were leading the league by 12 points, now it is only by 1 point. 
This week we need to get things ready for the big yard sale Saturday. Hope some of it goes. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Jayco is about done

Well someone asked me how we were coming along on getting the new RV ready to travel - so today I took pictures and pictures and even more pictures.In case I didn't mention it before it is 29 feet long, but it has a bedroom slide that goes out the back so when set up it is 33 feet long. I have discovered that the mattress fits so close to the walls of the slide that the quilt will have to be modified as it can't be tucked in. We both have end tables and a hanging cupboards. Couldn't resist the 2 small throw pillows - got them today at JoAnns for $15 each. Love the colors. 
On the left side (in picture) Bill's side he has made himself a small book case, put up holders for his glasses and one for the TV remotes. The cord is for the electric blanket. He'll also be able to plug his Nook in. 
 Looking towards front still on his side of bed. A hat hanger. And a painting our son gave him years ago. Can also see the closet and five drawers in the hall. The windows have regular shades. No noisy venation blinds.
 Other side of bedroom. Another window and long dresser? with drawers and storage . The TV box and the TV it swivels. Another hat hook. 
 Bathroom, he has built himself a holder for his shaver. The whole area above the sink - wall to wall is cabinets - two glass and one wooden door. Under counter open storage for towels etc and under sink storage for cleaning stuff etc. 
 He added the towel rack and the book holder to inside of bathroom door. It came with no towel racks??? In this picture the bathroom door is completely open closing off back from front of rig. Hall closet and drawers on the right. 
 Good size closet, Added plastic storage to both sides. He has already put stuff in - I haven't got that far yet. 
 Looking back towards bedroom through hall.
 This is a pantry Two deep cupboards both top and bottom. He has lined them with carpet to keep things quiet. They haven't been set up yet. 
 Again looking towards back. Got my pictures up. Top left are rig controls. Slides etc. Under that is more cupboard space. Coffee pot is mounted permanently to counter. 

 Built me a spice holder behind stove. Also container at end for utensils is mounted permanent. We got rid of the noisy metal stove top and use the heavy cutting board backed with rubber instead. 
The paper towels will be moved when ready to go - the slide comes in up to sink. It will go right over pictures without bothering them. They are flat mounted.  
 The cupboard behind sink. The bottom part is really deep. Bill added the middle shelf. When we load up I'm sure it will be full. 
 Just another look at the kitchen. The revolving tray in the microwave will come out when we are moving. Quite noisy - bouncing around in there. The Alfa didn't have one so never thought about it before. 
 Across from the kitchen the front door - which I just discovered doesn't have a shade or curtain, another project for me. On the freezer door is a clock Bill made years ago out of maple burl. Next to the couch another of his handy dandy book or in this case map holders. The dishes are in the cupboards above the sofa. 
 The dinette. The wooden box on it holds my stuff - calculator, glasses, pencils, and the mouse and mifi when traveling. We put two of the under table drawers on the table for office supply stuff. 
 Bill got himself a folding table so he will be able to set his laptop up and use it comfortably. There are drawers under both dinette seats. Lined with carpet so no noise. 
Above the driver seat. Took out the bunk mattress. The TV again swivels - goes back flat to wall or comes out straight from side or any where in between. Our storage unit in the back and the trim around the edges. Place for DVDs, and not sure yets.
 Another look at it. I have made a chart so when we put stuff in those drawers we write it down so we can find it if we need to. 
About half of them have stuff in them. 
 Another thing Bill made out of maple burl. A weather station. On it we've put some pins from places we've gone. The curtains were for using the bunk. I just can't figure out how to get them down yet. They are on a weird track system. 
 And that's what is done so far. From now until May 17 we don't have a week without something we have to do. But maybe we can squeeze a four or five day trip to somewhere. I still have the footstool to recover and the curtain that will go up at night to block off the front and side compartment windows. Still ponering on how to do both. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another Nevada DMV experience

We've made it through another 90 degree day with only one more to go before it cools down to the mid 70s again for a week or so. 
And got the Jayco registered with no problems. We got to the DMV at 9:15 [appointment was for 9:30] and checked in at the Appointment Check in. As we sat down my phone told me there were 10 people ahead of us, a couple minutes later it updated and said there were 19 ahead of us. At 9:32 we were sitting with a clerk handing in the paperwork. At 9:50 we were walking out the door. Registration done, personalized plates ordered. Great system. Also made sure we knew what we needed to register the cars - that has to be done before middle of next month. But they both have to be smogged and we have to change the insurance from Indiana to Nevada.
This pretty pink flowered tree is across the street from us in an empty lot. The tree is covered in blooms. 
I walked up to the club house yesterday - stopped to watch these guiys taking dow a TALL pine tree. Nothing but a stump left. Not my idea of a fun job. 
After the DMV we went to the city Hall in Henderson to get the picture and paperwork for Bill to renew his passport. That took about five minutes. Back outside we walked around a small farmer's market in the parking lot. Didn't buy anything but the produce sure smelled good. 
A beautiful bush outside the City Hall.
We haven't been in the downtown old town area of Henderson in years. Some nice looking buildings there. 
Glad we went today - tomorrow they will be having an Earth Day parade and festival. Another interesting building.
A mural on the side of the the Rainbow Club and Casino. Sure is colorful. 
The front of it - must be pretty at night. 
Another Casino.
LOVELADY Brewery I think. 
Then on home for awhile. Went out later to get some ink for the printer, oil for the car, and foam noodles for the RV. Then it was time to go inside and stay there. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A not so busy day today.

Summer is coming to Vegas - reached 90 for the first time this year and tomorrow more of the same. Humidity was around 6% But by Friday it will be back down into the 70s with more wind and maybe rain on Monday.
I made an appointment at the DMV to register the Jayco tomorrow morning. Wonder if that will be as easy as the driver's licenses. Again I brought up all the forms - filled them in on the computer then printed them. We also will make a trip to the Henderson City Hall because Bill needs to renew his passport - heaven forbid it expires while we're traveling in Mexico. And the city hall is a one stop place, even take the picture there. 
We pretty much stayed home all day. The ladies from Mayberry's Maids [our son's cleaning service] came so now we have a sparkling house.  I walked up to the club house before it got too hot and arranged to borrow a table for the garage sale at the end of the month. The community advertises it in all the newspapers and puts up big signs and provides homeowners balloons to put up. 
What we don't get rid of we'll donate. 
Wow Barcelona soccer team made 8 goals in today's game. Too bad they didn't make some of them when they needed them in the last couple of games that they lost.
I've been printing some photographs that I'm going to frame and put in the Jayco - was going to put a picture of the wall they will be going on BUT - somehow...I managed to delete all the pictures I've taken of the work we've been doing in it. I can take pictures of it done but not before and during...Guess we could go back to the lot and take pictures of one for sale. I'm telling you all these pills are messing with my mind. Only one more day of them thank goodness. Good thing I posted some on the blog. 
Here is the wall I'm going to put the pictures on. The blank slate behind the sink.
 Here are a couple of the pictures I'll frame Good kitchen photos - recognize the ribs.
 And some colorful vegetables.
Did discover the printer is running out of colored ink - so that goes on the list. And maybe I'll try to print them on canvas - if the printer will take the canvas.