Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Snow, cactus and curtains.

Trying to get in some walking again, but the weather isn't being too cooperative. Today there was a pretty good wind. Walking east was fast, west not so fast. Had to really lean into it. From one part of our community there is a view of the mountains northwest of Vegas. More snow was added over the weekend. Tonight we are supposed to get more rain, very unusual for this time of year. And it will be the same for a while. One nice day then more wind, rain and cold. Until at least the middle of next week. 
 Like to see all the cactus flowers blooming. This plant has a whole lot still to bloom. 
 Some more pretty ones.
 Need to keep watching this one. 
 Managed to get in just about 2 miles today. Came home to find this little friend munching in the back yard. 
 We got the rug we ordered for the Jayco. Fits perfect. Will just roll it up and put it on the bed when traveling. The thing behind the passenger seat is Bill's laptop table all folded up. It actually gets even smaller. It too will travel on the bed. 
 The curtain I cut some off of and put hooks on so we can block off the front windows at night. Takes about three seconds to put it up or take it down. 
 And the curtain I made for the door window. It just slips in with an adjustable tension curtain rod and can be taken down by pulling on it. Might use it to keep the sun out too. 
 I put this picture collage together years ago, it has been in the Alfa and has faded some with time. We all sure were young once. 
Not doing much else, just running errands = going to change the way the pictures in RV kitchen are hung, Decided to frame them, so had to go to two stores to find enough frames that were thin enough to fit behind slide when it comes in. So also had to go out for dinner since we were already out. 


Contessa said...

Love the new area carpet, perfect! You did a great job on the curtains. I can't believe how much you have both already done to make the new RV so very personalized and homey.

Tom said...

RV is looking good. I hope you can go on a trip soon. I was playing Pickleball the other day and one of the guys had a Fitbit on. I asked him how many steps he gets while playing. He said 20,000 steps. I just do not know how steps that is though.

Carol and Bill said...

We're thinking about a short trip around middle of May - so far weather around here is wet and cold. more rain last night. yesterday I did a little over 5000 and it was just under 2 miles.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you. And I'm sure we'll find more to do as we start taking it out.