Monday, April 25, 2016

Is it still winter?

Hello from COLD, WINDY, SNOWY,and RAINY Las Vegas. Well actually it just snowed on the mountains. But it is cold 11:30 and it is not even 60 out. Wind is blowing so it feels colder and it is raining all around us. Rained on us earlier. Yesterday morning it looked like this. Really nice out. 
Been out and finished our errands already this morning. Had a doctor's appointment with our family doctor and he is still not happy with my blood pressure so he's put me on another pill. I'm going to have to put in a new medicine chest just to hold my pills. So now I have two more appointments for heart related stuff - the two tests that were done showed no problems at all. He has refereed me to a new/different doctor for my chronic infections and other problem. And we both have to go back to family doctor for annual physical. We are never going to be able to take the Jayco on a shake down ride. 
We got the area rug we ordered for the living.dining area in the RV - it looks great. Also figured out how to close off the cab of the RV at night so anyone walking by hasn't see in the windshield and side windows. Also today I'm making a removable curtain for the entrance door's window at night. And that is about it until we go somewhere and discover what we forgot to do or put in there. 
Some one asked about leaping up onto the high bed. Actually there are steps. On Bill's side there is one step on my side there are two. I anticipate bumped toes and bruised shins till I get used to it. Something to think about when buying an RV with a bump out to the back with the bed. You can also see the neat cubbies under the counter next to the bed. Neat place to stash things.
And forgot to mention that I got some plastic things to hold file folders - the Alfa had a file drawer - These will work fine.
The weird orange, green and blue thing is a small box of Kleenex that just happened to be in front of where I was holding the camera to get the angle for the file folders. Took me a while to figure out what it was. 
Unhappy about the race result yesterday - thought Kyle had it won. But good driving on Carl's part. At least it was a Gibbs car. And Barcelona has finally stopped their losing streak. They were leading the league by 12 points, now it is only by 1 point. 
This week we need to get things ready for the big yard sale Saturday. Hope some of it goes. 

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Grandma on the Road said...

Watch out for those steps! I have a 4" step up into my bedroom, and once tripped and fell flat on my face into the small area at the foot of my bed. I was very lucky not to hit my head on my dresser or the floor. Judy