Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Shorter walk today

A nice windless day with temps in mid 80's. Wednesday and it was walking day again. We went back into the Wetlands but had a much shorter walk today only 6500 steps out there. The sun was much to hot for me to go any further. So I came home and they continued walking. It is now 5:30 and I only have in 7000 steps. Either we will have to start walking earlier or I will be walking, maybe, on my own.

Regressing, I cooked a yummy dinner last night. Scalloped potatoes, braised asparagus and baked salmon with lemon, butter, garlic and caper sauce. Both of us over ate...

Also yesterday I changed my table decor...took the Saint Patrick's stuff off and put on my Easter stuff. 
Also hung my Easter stained glass in the kitchen window.
Through the years I've made sun catchers for almost every holiday. Too much time on my hands I guess.

The sun setting last night I like the way it lights up the eastern hills and mountains. 
So, this morning back into the Wetlands to walk and look who we saw. A coyote - we hear them at night all the time, but this is the first one I've seen. Though several times people on streets by us have seen them walking here in our community. 
When he saw us he went and hid in the brush. 
Some of these pictures I just took because I liked the colors and textures in the area. 
Bushes reflecting in the water. 
A few different trees in bloom. Some pink, some others white. 
Part of this area was burned, all the black limbs, now it is coming back with lots of green plants. And way in the distance Mount Charleston with its snow -a couple of days ago it got 4 more inches of fresh snow. This picture is taken on the eastern edge of the valley, the mountain is on the western end. On a clear day...
There used to be a pond around here, now just a puddle. 
After I got home from walking we took the RV to be smogged and then parked it in the RV storage area. Came back home and got both cars and took them to be smogged too. They need to be registered next month so got it all done at once. Also heard on TV that CDC and FDA had said all old folks should get a second booster (fourth shot) so called the pharmacy and we will get ours tomorrow morning. 
Not cooking tonight. I had a big salad and Bill is on his own. Think he had some leftover paella.
No walking tomorrow, giving my foot a rest every other day. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

More from the Wetlands

 On Monday the other walkers suggested going back to The Wetlands but going where the art isn't. It was a cloudy day with rain coming and before we got home the wind had really picked up. Blew all day long, caused some damage here in Vegas. One poor guy had a big shopping center sign blow over on top of his car. Totaled. Bill clocked one gust at 72 mph. Enough to almost knock him over.

This bougainvillea by the front door has really come alive the last couple of days. And should do even better with the rain last night and more expected tonight. 

We walk through that gate to get in the Wetlands. Was really cloudy when we started out. 
Found another pond and the Canadian geese. 
Some ducks too.
Hum...guess he/she found something good to eat under the water. 
One of the many, many little waterfalls scattered around the area. If the truth be told - all this water comes from all the homes and businesses in Las Vegas, goes through the recycling plant then into Wetlands and then flows into Lake Mead. Signs all over saying Don't Drink The Water. Sounds like a good idea. 
Same pond more ducks? These are completely black. 
He found a place where he could be all alone. 

As we walked on we came to this area. 
Of course we had to walk it. Fun signs We saw lots of rabbits. They'd be running until they saw us then they would sit completely still. If we hadn't already seen them they would be hard to see. 
No snakes on rocks yesterday. 
The rocks next to the sign. I wonder if they put snakes out there for the kids. Rubber ones maybe.
Another pond. The sky was getting blue but the wind was really starting to pick up. 
Some of the wild flowers blooming. 
Found a gully with rushing water in it. This is on its way to Lake Mead.

Another flower. 
One of the bridges that burned last year during a wild fire. 
There are still many, many trails we haven't followed. The dark lines are paved, The light lines are dirt. Yesterday we just followed dirt trails, no destination in mind. I got in over 8500 steps in there. Then got up to 10255 by night. Today - not so much.It's 4:30 and only have 2300.
Got a WalMart delivery yesterday evening. Everything I ordered came, except one thing and it was delivered today. Cheaper than driving there.
Clouding up again outside, looks like more rain on way, but no wind so far. 

Monday, March 28, 2022

We have such an exciting life.

The weekend was interesting, no walking over the weekend. Glad as it was very hot here already. Both Saturday and Sunday broke records for highest temperatures, 91 and 93, ever reached in month of march since records have been kept. I sure hope that isn't a sign of what summer is going to be like. 

Sunday I baked two cakes. Why two cakes? Well Bill likes his cake to have both chocolate and white in them. Either marble like or one layer of each. So have to buy two separate cake mixes - each mix making one two layer cake. So I baked them and layered them with dulce de leche in the center. Then he frosted them. So now we have a whole lot of cake to eat. Going to try to freeze one of them.

When I turned on the oven I realized that darn lasagna was still bugging me. I remember thinking after I made it I should clean the oven but forgot. Well when I preheated the oven and the kitchen filled with smoke I remembered. But just finished baking the cake. Bad choice. The run over from the cheese etc is now BAKED onto the bottom of the oven. Did get most of it cleaned up when oven cooled, but still needs work. Ugh. 
Our weather is starting to cool down again and rain might be coming today and tomorrow. With the rain comes clouds so had a rather nice sunrise yesterday morning. Looking out over the Wetlands. 
While speaking of nature I noticed that my dead looking ocotillo is showing signs of like. No leaves but a sprout on the very top of it. Yah!
So what else exciting have we done. Well I finished my puzzle, wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The dog was the hardest part. 
I also got the urge to do some beading, but not with the tiny beads. More traditional necklace using bigger beads. I've changed the design about three times since I took this picture. Not sure how it will actually look when finished. Gives me something to do.l
Also took one of the throw pillows out of the RV that was looking ratty and going to recover it. Not getting it done very quickly. But that is okay, no rush. 
Watched the NASCAR race yesterday. Boring...that new car they have to use is useless. Everyone's car is exactly the same, no changes can be made to it. While it was on I made paella from scratch for the first time in a long time. Even used my paella pan. It turned out pretty good. Have enough left over for supper tonight too. 
And that is our exciting life. Thinking about taking a short summer trip around the end of April, beginning of May. So might work on that for a while. Routes and reservations.
Did a 8600 step walk in wetlands this morning. Took a lot of the dirt paths. Winds here today are TERRIBLE - Bill clocked one gust at 70 mph in our back yard. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Another long walk

On Friday we did the rest of the art walk in  the Wetlands - so again did over 10,000 steps. By the time we'd seen the last piece of art it was getting hot out. I was very glad to get home and it was only 15 to 10:00. High temperature for the day and today was 90! Way too early in the year for those highs. Now Monday it is supposed to be in 70's and maybe rain. Goody. 

So here are the last two "art" pieces and more pictures of nature. It looks like this one was moved or had problems with the wind. Or I just don't understand it. In my opinion it should have been at least painted.

The artist and her statement about it. Kaylee Barnett - Statement: "The Wetlands acts as a site of preservation, education, and community involvement for Clark County. A place where people can immerse themselves in nature, and become a part of its conservation.

This statue aims to show the healthy and mutually beneficial relationship that we can have with the world around us. The symbiosis between mankind and the elements of nature."
Just a view looking kind of north west over the meadow towards Mount Charleston. I imagine between yesterday and today it lost quite a bit of its snow. 
Heard the honking and looked up in time to see the pair of geese flying by. This time I'm looking kind of south east. 
And the last piece. My favorite. The one that makes the most sense to me. 
Shan Michall Evans - Statement: "My Wetlands piece is a vintage postcard one might send while on vacation: Welcome to the Wetlands/Wish You Were Here! Completed in an authentic simple illustration style, lightly dotted with plant life, a family of ducks enjoy their visit. A short and sweet message from the Wetlands to you may be read from the back. I hope to convey the concept of migration as not only a movement nor destination but to consider what one leaves behind. Though fitting for the Wetlands, I am not referring to pollution or litter, but more so regarding emotions and memories. The missing of a loved one. A wave goodbye. Inevitable changes."

The big bridge over the waterfall and river. Hard to believe it is only about 1 mile from our home - as the crow flies. 

Looking over the other side of the bridge. Lots of fish swimming down there. But they are hard to see in the photo. About 12 to 18 inches long. 
Walked a little further and found all the little water fowl. 

Took this while standing on the bridge. The Strip. Could also see downtown. 
More ducks?
Then we headed home. There is still more Wetlands to explore, but no more art. Yesterday afternoon I watched NASCAR as I also did today. Have ceiling fans and AC running all afternoon. Tomorrow should be a little cooler. Today I'll be lucky to get in 1500 steps. Been a couch potato. Not even cooking.