Tuesday, March 29, 2022

More from the Wetlands

 On Monday the other walkers suggested going back to The Wetlands but going where the art isn't. It was a cloudy day with rain coming and before we got home the wind had really picked up. Blew all day long, caused some damage here in Vegas. One poor guy had a big shopping center sign blow over on top of his car. Totaled. Bill clocked one gust at 72 mph. Enough to almost knock him over.

This bougainvillea by the front door has really come alive the last couple of days. And should do even better with the rain last night and more expected tonight. 

We walk through that gate to get in the Wetlands. Was really cloudy when we started out. 
Found another pond and the Canadian geese. 
Some ducks too.
Hum...guess he/she found something good to eat under the water. 
One of the many, many little waterfalls scattered around the area. If the truth be told - all this water comes from all the homes and businesses in Las Vegas, goes through the recycling plant then into Wetlands and then flows into Lake Mead. Signs all over saying Don't Drink The Water. Sounds like a good idea. 
Same pond more ducks? These are completely black. 
He found a place where he could be all alone. 

As we walked on we came to this area. 
Of course we had to walk it. Fun signs We saw lots of rabbits. They'd be running until they saw us then they would sit completely still. If we hadn't already seen them they would be hard to see. 
No snakes on rocks yesterday. 
The rocks next to the sign. I wonder if they put snakes out there for the kids. Rubber ones maybe.
Another pond. The sky was getting blue but the wind was really starting to pick up. 
Some of the wild flowers blooming. 
Found a gully with rushing water in it. This is on its way to Lake Mead.

Another flower. 
One of the bridges that burned last year during a wild fire. 
There are still many, many trails we haven't followed. The dark lines are paved, The light lines are dirt. Yesterday we just followed dirt trails, no destination in mind. I got in over 8500 steps in there. Then got up to 10255 by night. Today - not so much.It's 4:30 and only have 2300.
Got a WalMart delivery yesterday evening. Everything I ordered came, except one thing and it was delivered today. Cheaper than driving there.
Clouding up again outside, looks like more rain on way, but no wind so far. 


Grandma on the Road said...

I'm going have to walk in that wetlands next winter when i am in the area. Can you also ride a bike on the paths?

Grandma on the Road said...

Also, those black birds with white beaks are American Coots. They are not really ducks, but they do swim around and have long toes that help they swim. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Coot/overview

Kathy Tycho said...

I have to say I prefer the natural wetlands to the so called arty area. Beautiful place to walk.