Wednesday, March 2, 2022

First full day here in US

Going into our 2nd day back in the USA. We knew we were going to be in cooler weather but not this cool. I use cool because to  most people in the northern part of the US and Canada this is for sure not cold weather. Today here in Amado it will get up into the low 80's as it will tomorrow. But at night it really cools off. And there must be a cold front heading in Thursday night as the temps really drop. Especially at night. Also some little chance of rain and uptick in the wind. Glad our TV is working good. Lots of movies.

We won't be leaving Amado until Tuesday morning. If we were going to get home before the cooler, rainy and windy weather hit we would have had to leave yesterday or this morning. Then drive two long days in time to get home before the winds etc. We are getting old enough that didn't sound fun. Las Vegas weather for next few days. 

By the time we get there it will be a little warmer during the day. And our furnace will be running all night. The trip will probably take us three or four days. With a stop in Gila Bend (if we can get an RV spot there over night) then to Quartzsite for one or two days then on home. Sure hope no mice moved in over the winter. 
Yesterday we spent some time looking for an electric blanket - to replace the one the thieves stole - none to be found. Can only order on line and most of them say 3+ shipping time. So piled all the throws on the bed last night. 

We went to WalMart yesterday for "a few things" at least I ate something before we went. Got more then we needed any way. And then just to make sure we had enough we also stopped at Safeway. Here in Arizona masks are no longer mandatory. I wore mine in both stores anyway. I'd say more people are going maskless then wearing them. Thought that strange here where almost every one is a "senior."

A couple of the things we were shopping for were a new mouse for Bill - got two just to have an extra. And a new dash cam. One of ours broke and fell off the window, guess too much heat from the sun for over a year and our spare didn't work at all. So now have two new ones. Will work on getting them set up today. Sure wish it had been working when we squeezed through at the US border. 

Spent today doing nothing. I am trying to set up one of the dash cams but  can't get it to work. Will check the other to see if it is just me or if it is defective.

We are at the DeAnza RV Resort in Amado. Pricey place but a whole lot cheaper by the week. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great information. We always turn west at Santa Ana and head to Soynata where we cross into the US. Usually we drive from San Carlos to Gila Bend. I think we will stop in Ajo this year. It will make the drive shorter than next day to Q and than Vegas. Three nights there before we head north.