Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Thank goodness for sunsets

The reality of our winter here. At least in the area the dirt is all the way up to the top of the wall. However as the wall goes to the right it gets higher and higher. A lot more dirt will be brought in - graded and compacted. Layer after layer. Yep that is our Internet line drooping down the wall - keeping a close watch on it.
They are adding another six feet to the cement wall, block by block. 
The block wall is just to the left of this big mango tree. All the crap on the ground is from the old chain link fence, Guess it will stay there forever. Just one of the many, many graders.
The newest homes they are building - just a bit east of the ones that are almost done. Sure working fast. 
This is some kind of compactor. he is coming up out of the depression where the microwave tower was. It is finally all cleaned out and they are starting to fill it with dirt. A layer of dirt and then the compactors go back and forth on it. They are the nosiest machines there are. And our RV vibrates when they are running. Sure is not helping Bill recover. 

Putting the roof? on these houses. Worked until the sun was down. 
He is shoving dirt into the microwave tower hole. Please hurry and fill it up. 
The sunset last night started out kind of weird. Grayish yellow clouds. 

There was a heavy gray cloud layer just over us. Took these pictures and went inside. 
Luckily I went back out to turn the lights on. The colors were changing again. The gray was getting red. 
Just kept taking pictures 

Front of our RV far left.  So nice out without the noise. 
Took lots more but will spare you those. 
No pretty sunrise this morning. Looks like it will be a clear day. Only going up to 77 today. In fact the whole week is supposed to be below 79 during the day and low 60's at night. A couple days will be cloudy. 
Everyone in the RV park is getting crabby about all the construction. A lot of people will be leaving as soon as this months rent is up. Most will be headed north. Some of the Canadians are even thinking about going all the way home. Weather be damned. 
7:30 and the engines are starting up. 
Lots more dirt to be moved and compacted. Their side of the wall. The dirt will eventually go to the top of it. 

Behind us. Can only see half of the grader, Eventually when all the dirt is in will be able to see the bottom of his tires. Dump trucks working one after the other today.
Soccer game later today Barcelona must win. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Little things

Today is 100 days since we left home. The last 16 days have been four months long!
One of my biggest peeves is when a software program makes unexpected changes to its software. Most of the time it is not an improvement - more of a well crap! And my second peeve along the same line is when suddenly the program demands you change your password. And it has to have capital letters, symbols and be 10 figures long. Well nuts. I'm lucky to remember what day it is. How am I going to remember 17 different passwords for different accounts. I know it is for my protection, but sometimes it protects me right out of the account. And then I have to come up with another password with different rules. Sometimes I feel like putting Wh@ttheHe1! I like the old lady whose password was "incorrect" because that was what her computer kept telling her. Your password is incorrect!
Like I said little things amuse simple minds especially when you don't have much to do. Yesterday we were watching a couple of iguanas fighting over a mango tree. Can you see the orange tail. He came along and went up the tree. Boy they can move fast when they want to. 
This one was in the tree. We had no idea he was up there.  He suddenly fell out of the tree PLOP.
This guy is bigger so I guess he thought it was his tree. See his head over on the right in the leaves. 
He looks like he is a little pissed about the whole thing. Eventually he went to another tree. Once they get up the trees they are sure hard to see.

This morning's sunrise. A good way to start the day. 

It is always hard to decide what picture to post so I went with the all. 
Glory be. The machines around us didn't start up at the crack of dawn as usual, it is 8:00 and they just started. But it will be a noisy day as they are dumping loads and loads of dirt right behind us.
I was looking back through some old blogs and came across this one  It was our trip home the year Bill had the surgery here in Mazatlan for his prostrate.  Made me wonder how this year's trip to the border will be. I think if he could he would leave tomorrow. But there has been somewhat of a set back with his health. He now has an infection - the same kind he had then - which is being treated with antibiotics. And we all know how much he likes them. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Drone video of work around us.

The drone got out of his case and took a short flight yesterday. 
Everyone is enjoying the day.  
The video starts off looking towards the north at the houses that are being built. Even more are being started next to them.  Drone pans towards the eastern edge. Lots of dirt piles waiting to be leveled off. The wall is what surrounds the RV Park.  Going back towards the houses. Panning towards the west or front of the area. Over the RV Park. Then looking towards the south side. A different project and construction company. They don't seem to be quite as organized. And boy do they raise the dust. There too you can see clumps of dirt that is waiting to be graded. The tall buildings are right on the ocean. Then to the west again, past the ocean. There is a small section that is owned by someone else. It has been cleared and graded and fenced. It is right next to the RVs. Back looking north and landing

Bill took this yesterday afternoon, but the wind was blowing too strong to take the drone up higher. I can't figure out how to make the video go to full screen to view. Need to research more I guess. But you can click here to see this same drone video in full screen.
A snapshot of the houses they've been working on. You can see to the left of them a couple more under construction. We've decided the ones with the second story have the front of the house facing us. 
Took it easy yesterday, watched a couple of soccer games and a couple Hallmark movies. Sure glad we have the Dish Anywhere to amuse us. 
Bill keeps talking about going home. Doesn't seem to be getting much warmer there though. We have to decide by the 9th what we'll do as rent is due then.  It is a little over 1,350 miles from here to home. We usually stop in four different places coming and going. So that makes for some long driving days - any way long to us over 300 miles a day. And a couple of the places we stop will be full of snowbirds this time of year. Might not have any where to stay. 
Every one busy back at work today. At least with the AC running it isn't so noisy. And the doors closed keeps out some of the dust and diesel smell.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Evening out with friends

This is going to be a short post about yesterday. In the morning Bill saw the surgeon and had his stitches removed. Everything seems to be healing fine. I drove to the hospital. Bill drove home! With a short stop at WalMart for a few things. 
Later on Bill decided he wanted to go out to dinner and meet Mark's sister and friend. For a year we'd planned on taking them around Mazatlan for the week they were here. Well that week ends today. So we at least wanted to say Hi to them. So here we are at Torres Restaurant - the one across the street. Yes, Bill drove over there. 
He had to be careful of what he picked out to eat. Ended up having grilled vegetables. Lots of talking and getting to each other. Wish we could have spent more time with them but life gets in the way sometimes. 
The sunset from the restaurant. 

Today was a quiet day. Watched two soccer games and Bill had the drone up for a very short time. Too windy to do to much. Also resting up from all the activity yesterday. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Info on houses next door and Bill.

Walked over to the sales office for the building next door. Got some info. 
Park like grounds, pools, putting greens, playgrounds. Gated entrance. Condos at the back of the lot, the homes in front. 
There are five house plans.  Smallest home goes for about US $104,000 and has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, parking in front. This is the largest home and of course the most money. My calculations are not exact, but probably close enough. Cost  US $172,000   Lot size around 1500 feet   House size around 1550 sq feet
Four bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Enough parking out front for 2 cars. 1 bedroom downstairs, 3 upstairs. Some lawn and small patio in back. The lower and upper floors.
Digging the trench for the water and/or sewer pipes. Maybe all utilities. 
 Waited for the veggie truck today, just wanted a few things to add some flavor to meals. It smells so good. Also got a small seedless watermelon. He even had apple pie his wife made. Didn't get any. 
 Back out in the back of the campground. I hope they are done with this part. Looks high enough and level enough to me. The houses are at the far right of photo. Panoramic shot.
 The sunset set had more color to the east of us last night. This is the direction I usually take the sunrise pictures.
 A little bit of color, probably would have been nicer if I'd gone right to the beach.
Bill continues to improve. Eating good and getting out and walking some. He goes to doctor to have stitches out today.
Stitches out, all is progressing as it should. And he got permission to drive. 
Went to WalMart for a few things. Leaving the parking lot I saw these across the street. ???  No one in sight, just the stuffed animals. Weird.
The street cleaner. Didn't notice until I went to post - even blowing picture up can't figure out what the guy behind him is doing. It looks like he is taking a picture. Another hum??? 
So now I've lost my job as a nurse. It was a long week and a half. He is doing real well today and very happy that he could drive home. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Time seems to be going real slow

Yesterday managed to slip by, didn't even think of posting. First an update - here he is going to empty the trash! Says it is "His job." Even the hat is on. 
Then took a short stroll around the back part of the RV park, where we are parked. 
Following along with him I saw a few interesting things - I know I'm really pushing the interesting part. Either oranges or grapefruit about ready to be picked on this tree behind us. 
Oh! Oh! Someone took down this mango tree and a light post. Talked to Raphael later and he thinks a big 5th wheel backed into it and it caught somehow on the back of the trailer and when he went forward it tore the tree down which in turn took the lamppost out. He also told me it was one of two special extra large mango varieties in the park. He hopes because the roots and a small part of the trunk remain it might regrown. 
 A bird helping itself to one of the pomegranates. 
Then I noticed the pomegranates tree is blooming. About six blooms on the tree. Pretty color and flower.
Our front garden is doing well. Everything is happy and growing. 

But the leaf cutter ants managed to find our beautiful little pink and white bougainvillea and ate half of it over night. Just stripped the leaves off the stems. 
This mornings sunrise, yes we were both up. That's what happens when you go to bed so early at night. 
 More of the same. 
The construction continues. They are already building another set of houses - just to the east of the ones I've been sharing. Also it looks like there is some construction behind the original ones too. The wall here is almost too high for me to get the camera up far enough to take pictures. Wish Bill would hurry up and get better and get his drone up. [I'm sure he feels the same way in spades.]
This is where the microwave tower was. Starting to fill the hole with dirt. Goody, goody. 
Bill is starting to feel hungry. Got three meals into him yesterday and an apple snack. Night before last we had tilapia and squash for dinner. So last night we were back to chicken. I'd gone to WalMart earlier in the day and got a roasted chicken. So I cut that up and added some vegetables to it - Frozen veggies a good mixture - broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Today when the vegetable truck comes I'll try to get something fresh for tonight. He is getting so much chicken he says he is going to start laying eggs. 
And I'm having to learn how to cook good tasting things without oil and my love butter. 
He is getting so tired of being stuck inside - so much dust and diesel it isn't fun to be outside. But he did go out to empty the tanks. And reset the damn water heater, the wind blows it out. 
Just saw this headline on line "Swimsuits under $100 to grab for your next trip"  When did swimsuits start costing more than $100 - Most of them are nothing more than three little pieces of cloth! Guess I'm getting old!