Monday, January 7, 2019

La Vaca Lupe Part 1

After being cooped up at home because of the ugly days and all the traffic in town, on Thursday, we decided to venture inland where it was much warmer and very little traffic. But first we stopped to get gasoline. This was on the side of the building  Kiosko is a convenience store at the gas station. After reading the message I deduced this figure is a pinata. It says, "I don't want gold. I don't want silver, I want to go to Kiosko to buy the stuff to fill my pinata."
We were headed to the new - to us - restaurant La Vaca Lupe. It is on the road to La Noria. Just past the distillery and La Martina restaurant.

 ORANGE CONE in the road! Why?
Oh, another man clearing the bush beside the road.
 Here is the turn off to Vaca Lupe.
 I wonder what kind of tree this is? It has a weird fruit/flower on it.
 Got parked and walked towards the entrance. I think this is cute.
 Lots of pretty plants and huge trees around the place.
Campreste means "rural and or rustic" This is a rustic restaurant
It was kind of dark inside the restaurant so the pictures look kind of funny after I lightened them a little. Lots of plants, large family sized tables with colorful tablecloths. See the signs hanging from the ceiling. I love them! It was still cool enough the ceiling fans weren't in use. We were the only gringos there. Out in the back is a huge playground. More on that later.
 some of the signs. Cell phones to be used ONLY for picture taking. That's a good one.
In here everything is slowly
 No stress allowed.
 There were only a few tables for four, we took one near the front of the restaurant. We had Cafe de Olla. They brought us these hot tortillas - very good.
 And, of course, the two types of salsa, cheese and bean puree to put on the tortillas. Didn't try the salsa, the cheese was very good. Not sure how I like the bean stuff. But I did try it.
 The kitchen is slow but tasty.
 Thought this was an interesting design feature. Several groups of these basket with plants in them hanging from the ceiling. Took me a while to figure out they were plastic plants. Dah! I really like the looks of them.
 Here your tablet doesn't work.
In here the women are boss.
 No talking politics!
 Looking towards the front of the restaurant and the parking lot.
We had quesadillas with guacamole and then scrambled eggs with machaca - it came with beans and tortillas. The machaca is cooked on the grill as it is ordered. The eggs were a little over cooked. The tortillas were made fresh by hand. There is a flat grill in front of the girl on the right.
You come here to relax
 The grills cooking everything to order.
Making the tortillas
Getting avocado and tomatoes for guacamole.
Papa play with your sons
The guacamole - I like the chunks, Bill doesn't. 
My breakfast - we'd already eaten our quesadillas. Beans with cheese, scrambled egg with grilled pieces of beef - machaca. The eggs were a little overcooked, but tasted okay. 
I'm going to stop this post here. Will do more about the restaurant in next post. Yesterday, Sunday wasn't a very good day. This morning the overcast is back and so are the construction workers. 

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