Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Found something to write about.

Ah yes! Monday and the machines are back. And this one is right up next to the wall. I thought they were done here. Earth was compacted and he is digging it up. I'm keeping a watch on our Internet wire. See the wires looping along the wall, one of them is our now working Internet. 
Beautiful blue sky today and humidity of 83% - ugly out. Temps only in high 70's feels like high 80's.
 See nice and compacted and then he tears it up right next to the wall. Maybe it had a bump there. At least there is no wind so no dirt blowing around.
Yesterday a caravan of 9 to 10 Airstreams came in. Some from US and some from Canada. Haven't seen this many Airstreams together since 1978 when we were in Mazatlan and there was a big caravan of them here then.

 Interesting configuration on the front of this one. 
 The hibiscus are blooming again. Lots of buds 
 And this guy is growing like crazy - hope he will still fit in cupboard to take him home. Speaking of home - winds up to 50 mph there today. 
More from construction site. See the wire looped up  over the wheel barrel handle - I check - not ours. Also using a hand compactor here now - loud! 
 Needed lettuce so got some from the vegetable truck. Nice big solid head of iceburg. The vegies on the truck smell so good. He also has some  bread and today home made flan. 
Bill has been up quite a bit so far today and eating a little more than yesterday. Each day is better. Yesterday early evening he sat outside for a while. Got lots of company from the different RV guys. We both appreciate so much all the concern and help we've gotten from every one here in the park. 

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