Monday, January 14, 2019

More El Quelite

Tis a gorgeous morning in Mazatlan! Nice sunrise that I didn't take a picture of. Right now no wind. In the background the hum of machinery - so far no banging or clanking. Bill is feeling much better. We had a great day yesterday with friends...what more could we ask for. Internet is working great so far. 
Finishing up on El Quelite. I hope a few of the things in this post are different from all the prior posts about the town. A big Christmas tree still up in the sealed off street between the church and the some day to be hotel. 
Life sized Nativity scene.
 Just another view with the church included
 This sign is in the window of the building they are remodeling to become a hotel. They have  been remodeling for well over a year. 
The shutters on the window were open just enough that I could stick the camera inside and snap this pic. I don't think I'd want to rent it quite yet. Needs more than a little work. There is a toilet and a fan though that weren't there last time we looked in. 
 Looking up along the outside wall. No windows here so don't know if it is part of the "hotel" or not.
 Selling shoes. Across the street from the restaurant. Never seen them here before. Lots and lots and lots of people in town. Mostly Nationals, we were only gringos I saw there. 
Don't remember if I posted this yesterday or not. 
 Looking down the street to the entrance - on the right - to the restaurant. 
 The entrance to the restaurant. This is all new in the last year. 
 A Bo Derick hairdo on the horse. Guess he is a "10."
 Some kind of man thing I guess. Actually checking an app on the phone that didn't work for Bill. So serious looking Bill, Mark and John. 
 And which horse would you like to ride? The orange building is the restaurant.
 Cactus growing out of one of the old tile roofs. 
 Some remodeling going on here  Dog doesn't have a care in the world
 More Knick Knacks for sale.
This is "The House of the Priest". At one time we looked at it while thinking of buying a house in El Quelite. Built in the late 1700's  some remodeling had been done but needed a LOT more. Could buy it for about US$15,000. Remodeling would take a lot more $. Backs up on the river, lots of fruit trees. 
 His business is expanding. Cooking pork fat.  Smells good. 
 They also sell candy. 
I always feel so good when we've been here. It is such a wonderful and pretty little town. The people who live there are so friendly. 
Stayed home the rest of the day Saturday, enjoy the lack of dust and machinery noise. Watching old John Wayne movies in the evening on our Dish Anywhere. 
Why does all the crap hit at once?


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