Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Machetes come in handy- rest of restaurant

Finishing blog on La Vaca Lupe and some other stuff. Sunday we went out to breakfast with some RV friends who just arrived. Then came home. Bill said he was going to "read" a bit. Soon he was asleep and I went visiting around the park. When I got home he was up and looked terrible, He was burning hot and freezing. CRAP. Got the thermometer out and it shot up to over 101 AND THEN QUIT WORKING. He took Tylenol and put an ice bag on his head. Fever didn't go down. Tried to get him to go to doctor while it was still  light out and I could drive. Nope. So then I remembered I'd saved, and even remembered where I'd save it, the phone number of a doctor here in Mazatlan who makes house calls. Fifteen minutes after I'd called him he was here! Checked Bill's oxygen level - it was low. Checked his lungs - problem. One lung was quite congested. Because of the fever he was thinking infection. So Bill is now on three different meds. Doctor US$50 - meds US$72. Went right to pharmacy and got the meds. By morning he was feeling better. No more fever, but have to check back with doctor on Wednesday. 
Yesterday he, Bill, seemed a little stuffed up. But so was every one in the park. The wind was blowing like a SOB you could taste the dirt. We had to take our awning, which was strapped down with stakes. The wind was so strong it pulled the stakes right out of the ground. Everything inside is covered with dust. All all the dump trucks, graders and compactors were working right next to the fence by us. So we were either out [away from here] for breakfast and dinner or he was laying down. 
Also yesterday our friend Mark from Canada got here. Met him for dinner and managed to stay away from home until the workers were gone. Almost everyone in the park has had some kind of cold or allergy reaction to all the dirt. 
This morning so far 7:15 I can't see the sun - very gloomy out. Overcast and no wind so noise is really loud and dirt and diesel smells and particles are close to the ground. 

But to finish up the restaurant. This is a panoramic view of the restaurant looking from front to back. 
After eating I took a walk to the back and out on to the play area for the kids. There was a soccer field right behind the restaurant and all kinds of neat things around the field. 
Looking up the hill. Tree houses and rope swings hanging from the big trees. Walking trails too. 
A tire swing and a couple of hammocks for relaxing.
On the other side are animals. Donkey, horses and a big bull. And more of the huge beautiful trees. 
Children can ride the horses.
More hammocks.
Sweet burro, big bad bull.
More tree houses and play areas. 
Enjoying the rope swing. 
Most of the tables are big, ready for large families. 
Heading home. The vegetation is so big this year - a tree tunnel.
And that is all about La Vaca Lupe. 
It is 11:30 and the sun has finally burned off the overcast. The machinery continues to be right near us. 
I took these standing in our doorway. This is looking behind us  three dump trucks dumping. 
Towards the north side of us  His blade is about two feet from the wall.
 Same direction looking just right of the tree - another grader but a little ways from the wall. 
OOPS got to close to the wall, clipped a tree in the RV park.
those machetes come in handy,


Doug and Nancy said...

Sheesh Carol - We hope Bill is okay. Give him our hugs.....well, mine especially!!

I am pretty worried about the future of this park. Doug and I have already talked about going back down to San Fernando RV Park. Maybe you know it? It got a bit grubby in the bathroom building the last few times we were there. It was like the caretaker just didn't care anymore and it really mattered to us with the van not having a bathroom but always the pool area was so nice. (It's down by the old Mar Rosa RV park but up the side street) I know we could never had stayed at Las Jaibas as long as you guys have with all this going on.

Once Bill is better, let us know your plans....

Carol and Bill said...

they are building small houses on the property of San Fernando - it is getting smaller and smaller. this park plans on staying open for a few more years. once the building starts it will be okay, just all the dirt moving is awful.