Sunday, January 31, 2021

Rest of Saturday and some of Sunday

 So this is the rest of yesterday's walk. 

Last night my feet were hurting. Two walks in two days. That just shows me I really need to get out and walk a whole lot more. I'm getting old just sitting around for so long. Got in 3000 steps yesterday, not enough. Bill fixed dinner last night. Very good. Herbed pasta with grilled chicken. 

This morning the sun is up and the sky blue. Looks like it will be a nice day. 

And the end of January - so soon. Got to remember to back up my laptop tonight. Try

I try to remember to do it every end of month. 

Interesting pattern to the streets. It is done by hand one by one. 

Some times I take pictures just because I like the way a scene looks. By the way, the house on the right is for sale. 
Interesting window treatment. 
A couple of men with guitars heading towards the Plazuela Machado.  When we got there they were sitting on a bench playing and singing. 
This restaurant serves everything that can be eaten with your hands. 
Made my knees shake to watch this guy up on this TALL ladder. No one at bottom keeping it steady. 
Right in front of the parking lot. I don't remember seeing him before. 
On our way home we passed this boarded up building. Some one took some time doing it. Next time will try to get a better picture of it. Reminds me of a quilt. 

This is a holiday weekend here - three days weekend. All ready a lot more traffic in the city. Mostly cars from inland where there is very cold weather and snow. 

Took another walk today 1.94 miles in 43 minutes. Didn't bother me as much today as the other day. Picked up the pace a little. Only 4800 steps though.. Long way from 10,000. Why is it ten thousand anyway? Isn't just a good paced walk for 40 minutes just as good? Just wondering. Guess I could Google it. 

AH HA!  
Where Did the 10,000 Steps Rule Come From?

According to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that the 10,000 step rule started as a part of a marketing campaign for pedometers in Japan! But before you get too disappointed, keep reading. When researched, it turns out the marketers were on to something.

The lead researcher, I-Min Lee, believes that the decision to go with 10,000 steps — not 9,000 or 12,000 steps, for example — was made because the Japanese character for the number 10,000 looks like someone taking a step or walking. It should come as no surprise then that the company cleverly fit that Japanese character into the company’s logo and marketing.

What Does Science Say About the 10,000 Steps Rule?

So if the 10,000 steps rule was just a part of a marketing strategy and not based on confirmed studies, why did it catch on? 

According to a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, researchers found that the average number of steps that adults take each day varied widely. Primarily based on career choice and physical ability, adults were found to take between 4,000 and 18,000 steps each day. Those in the service industry (e.g., bartenders and waiters) were likely to be at the higher end, while a person working in a job that required the individual to be stationary (e.g., call center agent or receptionist) was more likely to be at the lower end.

The study found that given the wide range of numbers, 10,000 steps per day was actually a great target for optimal health benefits includingweight loss and injury prevention when put to the test. However, these numbers weren’t quite the same for the elderly.

According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers focused on the mortality rate of elderly women and the impact that regular walking had on it. While walking more (or just being more active in general) is very important, researchers suggested that there isn’t much more benefit to walking 10,000 steps per day, than walking, say, 7,000.

The study concluded that 5,000 steps per day was a great place to start, especially if you are living a sedentary lifestyle, which includessitting down for most of the day due to work and transportation, for example. With that said, 7,000 steps would be optimal, as it provides the greatest benefit for the elderly with the lowest risk of overuse injuries for this age group. For younger individuals however,10,000 is an even better goal."

So now we know, a marketing campaign...sheep to the market.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Rde and walk around Centro

Last night I did cook the corn on the cob, very sweet. Also had salmon cooked in the air fryer and skillet potatoes. Still getting pretty darn cool at night, especially when the wind picks up around sunset. Nothing seems to be bothering Bill when he eats now. Thank goodness. Don't think I'd like having to mess with the gluten free stuff. 

After not being out and about much lately we decided to take a trip to Centro. Also Bill wanted to see if his watch was ready yet. It wasn't had to order some parts for it. Next week. I'm also thinking about trying to get a hold of the camera repair man to clean the lense on my little camera.  

As the passed the area where the fishermen come in there was a lot of activity, the boats must have just come in. Fishermen on the sand and people wanting to buy fish and just spectators. Looked like the birds were enjoying getting scraps. 

Heralding towards the Plazuela Machado we spied this guy. Dressed up to do the Deer Dance. It is an amazing dance. Have seen it preformed a couple of times. 

Just a street scene. 
Parked so we could walk around a bit. Stopped in Nid Art but our friend the owner wasn't there. I haven't seen these pretty crocheted dolls before  Might end up getting one. 
Pieces of painted and formed metal. Sure colorful
A sculpture. 
Just for the colors and patterns. 
Looking into a condo on the way. Nice entrance hall. 
Small home with plates embedded into the stucco. 
Tall skinny home. They go quite a ways back though. 
I couldn't read the sign in the middle. Too worn out. Wonder what it said. 
This was a restaurant. The upper floor the home. 
Another restaurant right next door. Home upstairs restaurant downstairs. 
Continuing on our walk, either I walk faster or they don't walk and talk at the same time. Some of both I think. 
An unexpected mural on a wall. 
Oh my goodness look where we ended up. The Quilt Shop. I like the colorful outside.
No customers inside so Mark and I went in. Just me drooling over the material. 220 pesos a meter, About US$10 a yard. And so much of it. Just walked and looked around. Could spend hours in there. 
And then we turned around and headed back towards the car. Tomorrow's post I guess. Only got in 3000 steps today. Better than nothing. 

Friday, January 29, 2021

Beautiful day in Mazatlan

 Day started out nice, no wind, no clouds and lots of sunshine, but not too hot. So after cleaning house, all three feet of it I decided to take a walk. Thought "I'll walk for an hour - thirty minutes out and thirty minutes back."  Sounded like a good idea. Well I made twenty minutes out and twenty five minutes back. Did get in 4300 steps about 1 3/4 miles. Need to start doing this more often. Once every four weeks doesn't count. 

Haven't done anything for the last couple of days, except repair car and take laundry out and pick it up. Got some corn on the cob yesterday at little produce place. But by dinner time I didn't feel like cooking any thing. Got to stop being so lazy. 

They are doing a lot of planting in front of the new homes next door. Looks pretty. 

AMBAR is the condos that have been built there. They must be done now. 
Now this is a weird looking plant. coming out of a bamboo plant. 
Another new development going in just north of us. Looks pretty ambitious,  Sail boats? It is on the dry land side not the ocean side of the road.  
The housing development that has everything.  Hum...
And just up from it are two buildings that are empty. The green one used to be a restaurant/bar, the one next to it was a doctor's office. Been empty for a year.
One of the beautiful old trees in the center divider. Hope it comes back to life. Another one that had been cut almost as much as this one, now is getting new leaves
This is what the land surrounding us used to look like. Looking at the picture I wondered what a lighthouse was doing up on that hill. Then I realized it is the top of a cell tower. 
One lonely cactus. 
Looking across the street out to the ocean. 
My turn around point. A restaurant - always seems busy. 
Oh my goodness - a mountain to climb. But I just walked around it. 
At one time there was a plan for this empty field. Nice brick wall all around it. 
Adding another tower to this hotel. The women just got off a bus. There were four of them. Two headed towards the houses, these two going towards the hotel. 
This huge building has about seven of the condos sold. Been like that for years. Way too expensive and ugly inside and none of the promised amenities have been built.
And this is in the RV park, just thought it was pretty. 
As day went on it got cooler and cloudy. Weird weather here this year. 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Painting the Jeep

Yesterday after our short ride we came home and spent the rest of the day there. The Jeep needed emergency mechanical care. On the way home we called Pablo the mechanic and he said he'd be right over. 

The problem was suddenly the Jeep overheated BIG TIME. So diagnosis - needed a new thermostat. All is now fine but I don't have any thing to write about. So thought I'd go back and share the painting of the hood of the Jeep. It took two blogs. This was December of 2016.

This is the first one. The beginning of the blog is about something else so just read or scroll down to the painting. 

"Thursday we spent at home. The artist has come to paint Willie. It will be a couple of day project. Willie being checked out by Gilberto the artist. The bra is off."

Click here to read and see the pictures of the Jeep getting the hood painted. This is day 1. 

Gilberto the artist looking over his blank canvas. 

The second day is here. "Friday morning bright and early 7:30 Gilberto the artist was here. All of his equipment in his back pack. Here he is working on the flames [I wanted flames - I have always wanted flames on a car] He has made some templets that he uses. "

Click here to read about the day 2 of painting the Jeep. Lots of pictures. 

He did the flag the first day, now he is adding the flames and skulls. 

Today we picked up our laundry and that was about it. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Willie the jeep is 63 human years old!

Hum,He is almost 64 years old. I guess it is okay that some of his parts are having problems.  How do I know how many human years old he is? 

Well the Internet told me of course.  "There is a website that said to calculate the age of your car in human years, you just take the mileage of the car and divide it by the year of your car. " So... 127,936 / 2005 = 63.8!

Guess we can't begrudge him new shocks. At 64 my feet and knees were bothering me.

My car at home is 40 human years old. 80000/1998= 40. Just a spring chicken.

So here is the car doctor setting up to put new front shocks on poor old Willie the Jeep. The mechanic is the one by the gray car. That is his wife talking to Bill. She always go with him to his jobs. [the RV in background is one of the ones with mechanical problems.]

Mechanic has two helpers. He supervises. A whole lot of parts coming off. 
No idea what that is, but looks important. 
Even more parts. Some serious studying going on there. 
So now the Jeep has new shocks front and rear. Good to go for another 63 years. 
Last night for dinner I fixed stuffed baked eggplant, yummy and chicken breasts with Italian seasoning cooked in lime juice. Pretty good. I cook and Bill does the cleaning up. Works for me. 
This morning we went out for a little ride. Just to get out of the RV for  a while. 
Seriously - would you live in this building. Not only is it so skinny it looks like it would blow over with a big wind. They cut a chunk out of the middle! It is like one room wide...
It would be nice if they warned you the lane was closed before you drove up on a worker. Maintenance on the plants in the center divider. 
Fresh lobsters for sale.  Just enjoying the sun.
What more do you need, sunshine, a place to sit and beautiful scenery. 
See a lot of dog walkers out and about. Notice the building in the background - they like buildings with the centers cut out. 
The area where the cliff divers usually are. Used to be full of vendors on the sidewalk and in the street. Only one here today and no divers. No where to park to watch any more either. 
Bills favorite watch quit working yesterday, trip to watch maker today. Kind of parked almost off the street. 
Like I said almost. Had to pull in our driver's side mirror for a big SUV to go by. They had to pull their passenger side one in also. 
Glad we weren't in a hurry. Waiting for a food delivery to a restaurant. 
Another dog walker. Good thing the dogs are well behaved. 
Heading home. 
It was about 11:00 - very little traffic during days when no tourists here. This coming weekend is a three day weekend. Celebrating Constitution Day. So town will be full of cars again. 

So how old is your car?