Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Work done on Jeep and RV

 More unimportant blather from us. On Monday the mechanic came and changed the transmission fluid and filter in the RV. And then he put the new shocks on the rear of the Jeep.  Got the same brand/style shocks that have been on it for 15 years. 

Yesterday morning the sun was trying to come out but didn't make it.
Gave it a good try. Neat sun rays. 
But this is what it was like most of the day. It was in the mid to high 70s so at least we finally got to shut the furnace off for a while. 
We did get out for a little bit. Went to two different grocery stores still on our quest for gluten free stuff. I had been looking up bread recipes on line. Boy the gluten free recipes call for some weird stuff. Basically we didn't find any thing except another bag of the same flour. Didn't realize that the easiest recipe I download called for coconut oil. (didn't realize it until we got home.) So can substitute butter. Was also looking for a loaf pan. A simple loaf pan for bread. No such thing in either store. So bought a round pan that will hold about the same amount of batter. Going to be weird bread. We did manage to be out and about for a while. 
There are a couple of kitchen supply stores in Centro but don't really want to go there. Health wise it doesn't seem like a good idea. Covid cases are up to 69 [from 24] here in Mazatlan now. Starting to see the holiday surge. 
Also looking on line for recipes so I can make dinner using the gluten free pasta. [I know shouldn't need a recipe but used to dumping pasta and flavors out of a box.] Found a couple of good sounding ones. Our friend?, Mark, is now calling me Betty Crocker. He might walk home from our next day trip!
Today is also dark and gray sky full of clouds. Not going anywhere any way as mechanic should be here soon to install the front shocks. 
Today is the fourth day Bill has not had gluten. He is feeling good finally. So maybe...sure hope so. When we get home and finally find a doctor that will be something we will ask about. 
The mechanic didn't make it today he will be here on Monday to do the front shocks. Today was ugly all day, dark and cloudy and rain a couple of times during the day. In fact it is raining pretty good right now. 
Well I made my first attempt at gluten free bread. And that is all I'm going to say about it. Cannot use a round pan to make bread. Bill is being nice and says it isn't bad. I personally think the birds won't even eat it. Nough said. No pictures - to sad looking. 


SandyM said...

You can try Masa for pancakes and even make into muffins. I think the Masa that I get today is not as “heavy” as what I use to buy. We both like the masa pancakes very much. Can send recipe or look on internet and you will find more recipes then you will ever try. Hope the sunshine comes back tomorrow and stays around for you.

barb said...

Ruth on the Travel With Kevin and Ruth's gluten free, and has a good bread recipe. She also might be able to tell you where to buy gf bread there.

Grandma on the Road said...

Just wondered--can you get orders from Amazon where you are?

My son avoids gluten, and he says the gluten-free stuff is horrible. What if you just reduced regular flour instead of cutting it out entirely? And could substitute rice for noodles.

I love bread so would have a hard time cutting it out. Oh, and you will not be able to get your favorite cinnamon rolls!

Kathy Tycho said...

Just an off topic question. How do you get your posts on facebook as well as you do them twice or are you somehow copying and pasting?

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - not going to try any more recipes here, can't find half the items needed. When we get home things will be easier.
Barb - supposed to have bread in the markets, but you have to be there the day it comes in, IF they still carry it.
We can get orders from Amazon, but don't know if we can get food items from Amazon. We have some gf pasta that I'll fix and herb it up some. We are still not sure that is what was/is bothering him.