Monday, January 4, 2021

A do nothing day

 We have pretty much stayed home the last couple of days. No real reason to go anywhere. We did pick up our laundry this morning. And a while ago we went to the supermarket. I was going to make some peanut butter cookies and needed baking powder and soda neither of which I brought with us. Also found a good sounding recipe for Veracruz fish. Needed a couple of things to make it. 

In all three markets we regularly go to - WalMart and Both Sorianas - bottles of hand sanitizer, alcohol, wipes and surprisingly Lysol Spray Disinfectant is available everywhere. Did buy another couple of cans of it. 

One thing I find interesting while shopping are the extra labels added to the packaging. warning of excess sodium, fat, sugar and calories. This is a box of Paella rice mix. excessive sodium. Can't miss it. We tried it by the way and it was pretty good. 

Qeso potato chips - excessive calories, saturated fat and sodium,. 
This one surprised me, I'd never checked it out. Lipton Green Tea Citrus - excessive calories and sugar. 
Hershey almond candy bars - the stickers practically cover the label. - calories, sugar and fat excessive. No kidding. But they taste so good. 
And a package of brownie msx. Natural Mills Way too much of everything bad for you. 
Even a sticker on a jar of olives I bought - excessive sodium. They are serious about making you aware of what you shouldn't eat. 
Tonight we are having left overs. Cooked two nights in a row. Don't want to spoil my reputation. 

Most of the tourists from inland have gone home, traffic was not bad today. After Jan 6 they will all be gone and things will return to normal around here. 

I was going to try to set up an Instagram account today. Ended up darn near throwing the phone on the floor.  Either it is way beyond my intelligence or more likely my patience. Might give it another try later.  I can't even get beyond the set up an account and sign in. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Not a fan of Instagram, bores me.

Love all those warning stickers. Have always read labels for salt and sugar.

Kathy Tycho said...

I do read labels and am always most concerned about excessive sugar. For the most part have always followed the "everything in moderation rule." Never ever paid attention to the no butter,no eggs, too much fat, no red meat rules as they were all bogus anyway.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - I don't even know how to find Instagram but thought I'd try to learn how to post to it. I kind of can now, but don't know where it goes, need a little kid to help me. I am terrible about reading labels - but these really got my attention. Bought them anyways.
Kathy - Bill watches for the sodium. And he has stopped eating red meat for a year or so. So of course I am not eating any either - until I manage to get to a restaurant where I can order something with MEAT,