Friday, January 29, 2021

Beautiful day in Mazatlan

 Day started out nice, no wind, no clouds and lots of sunshine, but not too hot. So after cleaning house, all three feet of it I decided to take a walk. Thought "I'll walk for an hour - thirty minutes out and thirty minutes back."  Sounded like a good idea. Well I made twenty minutes out and twenty five minutes back. Did get in 4300 steps about 1 3/4 miles. Need to start doing this more often. Once every four weeks doesn't count. 

Haven't done anything for the last couple of days, except repair car and take laundry out and pick it up. Got some corn on the cob yesterday at little produce place. But by dinner time I didn't feel like cooking any thing. Got to stop being so lazy. 

They are doing a lot of planting in front of the new homes next door. Looks pretty. 

AMBAR is the condos that have been built there. They must be done now. 
Now this is a weird looking plant. coming out of a bamboo plant. 
Another new development going in just north of us. Looks pretty ambitious,  Sail boats? It is on the dry land side not the ocean side of the road.  
The housing development that has everything.  Hum...
And just up from it are two buildings that are empty. The green one used to be a restaurant/bar, the one next to it was a doctor's office. Been empty for a year.
One of the beautiful old trees in the center divider. Hope it comes back to life. Another one that had been cut almost as much as this one, now is getting new leaves
This is what the land surrounding us used to look like. Looking at the picture I wondered what a lighthouse was doing up on that hill. Then I realized it is the top of a cell tower. 
One lonely cactus. 
Looking across the street out to the ocean. 
My turn around point. A restaurant - always seems busy. 
Oh my goodness - a mountain to climb. But I just walked around it. 
At one time there was a plan for this empty field. Nice brick wall all around it. 
Adding another tower to this hotel. The women just got off a bus. There were four of them. Two headed towards the houses, these two going towards the hotel. 
This huge building has about seven of the condos sold. Been like that for years. Way too expensive and ugly inside and none of the promised amenities have been built.
And this is in the RV park, just thought it was pretty. 
As day went on it got cooler and cloudy. Weird weather here this year. 

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