Thursday, January 7, 2021

Watching the fishermen at Cerritos.

This morning it is cloudy and gray out. Supposed to be cloudy most of day so will probably just hang around home and relax. Been busy last couple of days. Might take walk this afternoon to produce store. Thinking about cooking dinner tonight and need a few things. Walked down to the produce place to get them. 
More drone video from Tuesday night at the Plazuela Machado. Click here to view full screen, has music

Yesterday we went early to La Martina for breakfast. 
Chocolate waffle with eggs and bacon. 
Fresh fruit, eggs and chiaquillas. (sp)
Have taken a lot of pictures there so refrained from doing so yesterday. 
On the way home we stopped at Cerritos to watch the fishermen. That is one of the biggest catch we've seen.
The fish were so many different colors. 
Filleting a fish. He was standing in the bed of his pickup. 
This boat had just come in. Bringing it up to park on the sand. They put wheels under it to move it over the sand.
Still not an easy job. 
Then the boat has to be unloaded. The cooler chests are full of fish and ice. 
Everything has to be carried up these stairs. All personal items and nets. 
This animal of some sort was living inside a big shell. It was alive. 
A couple of small lobsters in that catch. 
Another heavy load coming up to the fish dealer. 
That is a good sized fish. See the box truck in the background. He buys the fish and sells them to markets and restaurants. 
Some are weighed others just counted. 
Here comes a boat in.   Notice how gray and cloudy the day was - kind of cool too. 
A video of bringing in a boat. Sorry about the bad camera work. I couldn't see what I was filming on my screen.  Click here to view full screen. Easier to see that way.
Starting to unload it. They even take the propellers of the engines. 

Those are big fish and bright red.  The buyer is in the truck in the back. 
This poor pick up is loaded to the hilt. 
Lots of fish in this catch. 
And by then it was time to go home. And work on the pictures and videos. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Yum on the breakfast! Can you buy filleted fish directly from the fishermen? I saw those bright red snappers..a favorite for us. Good haul!

Doug and Nancy said...

Isn't that such an interesting area to hang out at? Love the two cats laying under the truck. Maybe they have plans for that big red fish in the bucket!! Did you ever find out what the creature was in the conch shell? Edible?

How is the Cerritos RV park that had the big fire? Rebuilt?

Cheers on this rainy, dreary Friday in Canada!(...but at least we don't have snow!!)

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - I really don't know if you could buy some or not. I would think so if the broker didn't mind.
Nancy - It is always interesting there. And the cats are always watching for something forgotten. NO idea what was in the shell but it was alive. And they were going to cook it - to eat it or just to get it out of the shell.
Cerritos RV has all the burned stuff gone. But all the brick and cement walls that were around the RV with the outdoor kitchens are mostly standing. Appliances etc melted and gone. The outside rows along the walls didn't burn, just the whole middle.