Saturday, January 23, 2021

Thursday and Friday

On Thursday we came home on the old 15 instead of the toll road. Almost no traffic on it now. Not like it used to be when it was the only way through town. Share the road with everyone. Wonder where he was going?

Turned off 15 and took the road down along side the harbor. Passed the Marino coffee plant. Could smell the coffee beans being roasted - or what ever it is they do to them - smelled so good. 
Is that a street or an alley. I don't think that parked pickup would be able to go down it. 
Missed a turn off so ended up going down a street we haven't been on before. Nice looking older building. No idea what it is. 
Has a couple nice stained glass windows. 
At first I thought this neat building had a mural painted on the side. But with a zoomed in look  look it is just peeling paint.
Colorful Angel Flores street. 
I don't know if this build is being used or if it is empty. Nice looking building though. 
More pictures of the three story parking garage. The outside looks great, fits in with the older buildings. There will be shops on the bottom floor then three levels of parking. 

One of my favorite corners in Mazatlan. 
We were hungry so stopped at one of our favorite restaurants Pancho's. Bill loves their Ceasar salad. And no one was in the outside tables. Well either they changed their cook or their ingredients - the salad wasn't very good. Big disappointment as we'd been watching for a time when they weren't busy so we could stop. 
Run buddy run!
Yesterday our only trip out was early to WalMart. Sanitizing the shopping carts. 
Lots of signs about Covid and precautions. Need to walk through sanitizer, get temperature taken and put sanitizer on hands. And of course wear a mask. 
We also use sanitizer wipes on the handle of the cart. And I carry sanitizer in my purse so seem to always be spritzing our hands. Bought some more packages of wipes and a couple smaller cans of Lysol spray to take home with us. Also a couple big bottles of alcohol. 

Fixed a great dinner last night. Chicken breasts covered with chia, Quinoa, amaranto [a grain that is gluten free] and oats, air fryer seasoned potato wedges and broccoli. 

Good night Mazatlan


gumo said...

Your stories, photos and videos are so enjoyable and calming for me and I enjoy your blog very much! Thank you!

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you so much