Friday, January 22, 2021

Road Trip to Isla de la Piedra - Stone Island

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Finally the gray clouds were gone. So we decided to take a road trip. This time to Isla de la Piedra or as we call it Stone Island. It is not really an island but a kind of peninsula across the harbor from Mazatlan  It actually is a very short boat ride from Mazatlan Centro but a long drive to get there. We took the blue road out - the toll road. And came home the gray road, the old way through town before the toll road was built. 

Off the toll road and heading to the town of Stone Island. Followed this truck full of beautiful plants waiting to be purchased and put in the ground. 
Lots and lots of palm trees and mango orchards. 
Doing some construction on the road. Looks like they are making it wider. 

Heading into the town. 
Interesting home. Love the color and tiled posts. 
Stopped and waited for him to go by. Saw him a couple more times as we drove around. He was heading to the beach by the RV parks. 
This boat was having its bottom painted. Small fishing boats in this area. 
More boats. 
Mural painted on the side of a school. 
More road construction in town. 
Here he is again about half way to where he was going.
Love these flowers, so pretty. 
A look out on the beach. No one there. ATVs waiting for someone to take a tour. 
A few people in a restaurant. A vendor trying to make a sale. 
Just a pretty tree in bloom. 
Now this is a great gate and fence. So different. 

Colorful home with lots of vegetation. 
He was heading towards the beach. I imagine to set up a place to sell his work. He is THE ONLY person we saw all the time we were there who had a mask on. We did not stop and get out of the car and kept the windows up the entire time we were there. 
The entrance to Tres Amigos RV park. 
Took the side road next to it to go out and look at the beach. The view towards Mazatlan from in front of the RV park. No one on the beach 
Looking back at the RV park from the beach. Only a few RVs there. 
More horses. 
He has a feed bag attached to his head. 
Just standing by the side of the road. 
She is arranging rocks in the road to make a speed bump.
And then we were headed back to Mazatlan. As I said we even kept the windows rolled up. Not one person we saw, and we saw many, many people, was wearing a mask. Kind of disappointed that we couldn't get out and walk around some. 


Mark said...

Yes it was disappointing to see nobody wearing masks. It is unfortunate. They lost out on the opportunity to have me spend some money in the town. Oh well what can you do.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Love taking the boat to Stone Island. What a shame to see it so empty it is so much fun to eat and people watch. Some of the best shrimp ever.
I stole your photo with the flower truck, it is gorgeous!!!!