Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Good start to the day

 Actually this was at sunset last night looking out over the desert. 

This morning looking out back again over the desert. We have a lot of clouds in the sky today and some sprinkles over the valley compliments of Hurricane Nora. We are under Flash Flood warning for the next couple of days. But doubt we'll see any rain here on the valley floor. Very, very humid, but temps are supposed to stay below 100.

Then I happened to go out front looking south west. It/they lasted about one half hour. Maybe Henderson did get a little rain, or it is just the humidity in the air that gave us this pretty double rainbow. 
It has been cool enough for Bill to work out in the garage a little bit. He is working on replacing the wooden box that was stolen.
Hurricane Nora really hit Mazatlan and surrounding areas hard. Guess we won't be going to El Quelite this year. Unless they work fast on getting  in a new bridge. 

I read a lot of the town got flooded too. Hope every one we know there is okay. Don't have any ones phone number from there. Might try calling the restaurant we always go to tomorrow.
This is Mazatlan.
And I've been complaining about the heat - shame on me. 
Well the 4 sided inspectors came by this morning. Neighbor told me they were taking pictures of our patio. Probably other things too.  Just wait for their letter now. 
Fixed chicken tetrazine for dinner. Haven't made it for a long time, turned out pretty good. Comfort food. Had asparagus with it. And another month comes to an end. Tomorrow will back up my computers. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Wrapping things up

Where is this year going? I heard a comment on TV about Labor Day weekend and wondered what the person was talking about. That's a long time away. Glanced at calendar - wow - Our 2nd son will be 61 on Sunday. Seems like yesterday he was a baby. 

So I'm sitting here with nothing to do. Seems strange. The quilt wall hanging is done. I think. Though every time I think it is done I add something to it. Need to figure out where to hang it. I can't get a decent picture of it. It really isn't crooked, just looks that way. 

Bill's back is much better today. Thank goodness, he could barely hobble around two days ago. Guess it was just a "moved wrong" thing. Once you have had back surgery you always wonder if ... again. 
I finished another puzzle I was working for four days on. A little bit of a challenge 500 pieces. Reminded me to buy eggplant!
All the insurance stuff for the RV is done. Already got compensated for personal belongings. And the repair work is approved. Just waiting on the repairs to be done. We're not in a hurry - just so we get it before we want to head south. 
Still having lots of smoke from California fires. And now we do have a small fire north of us here in Nevada. Sunrise in the smoke. 

There is auto racing this weekend and a soccer game to watch. Need a break from the rest of the news. Not starting any new projects. Actually can't think of any thing to do. Should clean and clear out closets but...

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Got to go to RV today

Haven't been doing very much. The booster shot really knocked Bill out. He has been feeling really crappy. Today he says he feels normal...I guess I got off easy. Felt icky the day after starting in the afternoon. Just the one day but was more tired then usual, took naps every day for three days. Other than that no problems. But glad we got them. The new cases daily are slowly going down here in Vegas. Hope it stays that way. But with school started and more concerts who knows. A lot of businesses and events demand vaccination proof. Several companies require all workers to be vaccinated. 

Our weather has finally cooled down - well except for a couple of days this week going up to 108. At least at night temperatures are going to low 80 and even some 70's. Could get out to walk in the morning but now the smoke from California fires is too thick to breathe. Can't see any of our mountains. Guess I shouldn't complain We don';t have any fires in Nevada. And no torrential rains or tornadoes or hurricanes. And the only earthquakes we feel are from California. 

Still working on my quilt wall hanging. Got some fabric paints so I can add some subtle details to it. Yesterday we went to Lowe's and Bill bought some beautiful wood to make me another box. It just has to cool down in the garage a bit for him to work on it. 

My car has been repaired will pick it up picked it up after going to RV. Another expense we didn't expect. Can't really complain it is 24 years old and still runs good. 

Have been cooking more lately - almost every other night. Last night fixed scalloped potatoes with ham in them. Filling and good. Couple of days ago fixed chicken with zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and red peppers. Chicken breast cut into bit sized pieces. Browned mushrooms and garlic. Then chicken. Added balsamic vinegar, Italian spices and then the veges. Cooked until veges done. Pretty good. Thinking about making either chicken or tuna tetrazini. Kind of a comfort food. I even made myself tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich the other day.  The last couple of months have taken a toll on my emotions I guess. I find myself tearing up over commercials for heavens sake! Need to get things under control. 

So the dealership plugged the RV in and turned on the AC so we could stand to be in it for a while. Spent a couple of hours sorting things out and looking all over for things that were missing. Found some of them, others someone else now has. Turned in claim to insurance company. Not too much missing thank goodness.  Now we wait.

While going through and straightening out outside storage Bill aggravated his back. It has been bothering him lately now he can barely walk. He had back surgery about 11 years ago and he says it feels the same way now. Will wait until morning then maybe trip to doctor. 

No pictures of anything lately. My cameras probably wonder where I am...

Any one know of a good alarm for an RV that spends time in storage? 

Friday, August 20, 2021

Busy day yesterday.

Bill got up REAL early and I was up by 6:00. Sure makes the day seem LOOONG!  Around 8:00 Bill went out and got the Jeep started and brought out front. Then we took my car to the mechanic to see about the clack, clack. (call from mechanic - air conditioner fan broke and poked hole in something else. $400 fix) Left it there then went to the RV dealership. I needed something from it for the insurance claim. (And I brought home the wrong thing - duh.) Well they will just have to wait until next week some time when the dealer will move the RV to an area where we can plug it in and run the AC while we go through it and try to figure out what might be missing. Know of three things for sure. It was so hot and muggy out that early my head was dripping and my shirt was wet. Did I ever mention I HATE the humidity. It has been unusually high here the last few weeks. As we were leaving the adjuster showed up. So he had us show him what had been done.

Then we hurried up the street because we had appointments to get out booster vaccine at CVS. Got in there and I almost froze to death as cold air hit my wet head and shirt. Like I was wearing ice. Checked in and to wait for a few minutes until shot giver arrived. Our appointments were for 10:00 - about ten to ten they called our names. Got our shots and the shot giver handed me a time set for 15 minutes. Told me when this goes off go to consultations and she will give you back your vaccine cards...Nuts - the first shots we got we snuck out right away. Not this time.  So we got out of there about five after ten. Today my arm is a little sore - otherwise fine. Bill is a little woozy and tired. He went back to bed. Don't know when he got up but I got up at 5:00 I too see a nap in the future. 

I managed to keep busy with stuff for the insurance company then cooked a really good dinner. Walnut crusted salmon, Italian spiced pasta and mixed vegetables, zuccine, yellow squash, onions, asparagus, and red pepper sliced, with a little bit of chimichuri sauce on them. Will for sure do all of that again. 
The smoke continues to cover our valley. Glad we don't have to go outside. This is the moon just as it was setting this morning. 
I decided I would just finish the raw edges of the wall hanging with a zig zag stitch and hang it from a bamboo pole. Still have some work I want to do on it. But think I will use fabric paints instead of thread. But have to go buy the paint. I can't get a good picture of it - it does not hang straight unless it is up against a wall. So it looks lopsided here - it isn't it is straight. 

Making brownies, need my sweet fix at night. Hum about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and both Bill and I feel a little crappy from the shot. Not bad just icky. No problem, better than getting sick. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

A flowery day

 Trying to be better about posting. Another puzzle I've finished. I thought it would be hard, but turned out to be very easy. Finished it in one day. Only 300 pieces and lots of patterns to follow. 

I am only cooking dinner every three or four days lately. Need to get better at that. Here was last night Paella with chicken and sausage (Beyond Meat -veggie sausage. This is the only way I can eat it.) Bill like lots of peas in it. 
This morning's sunrise. Yesterday the wind was from the south so most of the smoke blew away. Today is a different story. So smoky out, can even smell it. The air purifier is on Turbo. Day before yesterday it was bad too and really bothered Bill. 
Thought I'd write about pleasant things today. Also we got the letter from the HOA they are going to do a "four sided inspection" One item on list of "can't haves" is Maximum of 2 artificial products...Does that mean I'm going to have to get rid of all my artificial plants on the patio. Who knows. No one sees it but us.
Also on list "no bushes taller than top of window"  this is not by a window...
So many pretty colors in this year. 
Oops, bush is taller than garage window on side of house. Will we get dinged for it? 
Plants in window boxes are artificial too. But they are short. 
Right now I'm not too happy with the management here at the community. So hope they don't ding us too much. 
This morning we had to take my car into the mechanic - some things is going clackety clackety, clack!  Bill thinks it is the air conditioner. So using the Jeep for a while. Then we went over to the RV dealership and met the insurance adjuster there. Next week the dealership will pull the RV to an area where it can be plugged in and we'll be able to go inside and clean it up and get a handle on personal items that are missing. One thing I know is missing is my UNDERWEAR - all my grannie panties...For heavens sake why. They left my socks and nightgowns....go figure. One drawer was empty the other full...ICK.
And after leaving there we went to CVS for our booster shots. Appointment at 10, signed in, got shots and were back in car by 10. So far so good. I wonder if either of us will have a reaction to this one. Neither of us did to the first two, except for feeling a little tired for a day or two. 
Tomorrow will write more about experience with RV...

Monday, August 16, 2021

The day after

 Both of us up by 5 a.m. again this morning - Bill went back to bed. I'm trying to get motivated to do something...it is now 6:05 and the AC just came on. UGH. 

Have contacted both RV insurance and Home Owners insurance. Have claim number from RV ins but waiting for them to call us. Have not heard from home owners yet. But we are not sure what personal items are missing it is such a mess in there. We know tools and shoes and some electronics are gone. Outside compartments were emptied. Some of the stuff was in the thieves car, but we know some things that are missing that weren't in the car and don't think they are in the RV. Went over to the dealership this morning. The main door of RV lock is broken so door cannot be opened, steps will not retract and of course generator is out and ignition is broken. Again not sure what else.

I'm going to write a very strong letter to the Community Manager and the owners of this "gated security community" we live in. But going to calm down some first. I called the community manager - waste of time. Oh I'm so sorry. But I don't write the checks for security. We are trying to get cameras at the gates and maybe gates for the RV parking but but but...But they sure raise the fees every year with no problem. 

I cannot give the people who live on the street where the jerks were stripping the RV enough thank yous. Some one called the police right away when they heard the noise. Also one of the neighbors out walking his dog brought us and the policeman bottles of ice cold water. And offered help with anything else we needed. The tow truck driver who could not tow the RV took it upon himself to take the generator  completely out of its broken housing and carried it to the back where he moved things around so there was room for it in the big back storage compartment. The policeman stayed with us the whole time. He took everything we could identify as ours out of the thieves car and put it in the RV. They all made a bad experience tolerable. 

We are thinking there was another car or truck involved as we are missing quite a few things that we can think of. Unless they are under some of the mess. One of  things we didn't see is this beautiful box Bill made me to hold pencils, post its, etc.  He says he will make me another one. 

I finally got busy and did some cleaning, with all the sewing there were threads all over the house. Think I got them all vacuumed up. I don't wear shoes in the house, just socks and every tiny bit of thread sticks to them till they fall off on another area of carpet. 

I haven't heard back from the vehicle insurance, but have sent them most of the paper work they need. Now I'm going to watch Race Hub - see what they have to say about yesterdays disaster of a race. The curbs on the track came up and tore up a whole bunch of race cars. What a mess. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

What a way to start the day.

 I got up this morning about 4:00 for bathroom trip. Got back in bed but woke Bill up. He got up. I tried to go back to sleep. bit a little before 5 a.m i heard the front door open and voices. I got up - just as the living room lights came on and met Bill heading towards me. 
What's going on?"  He answered, "There's a cop at the door saying he recovered our RV." WTH?  Sure enough cop car in street cop walking back to door. "Do you own an RV?"  

Where is it?   WHAT?  Where do you park it.  Up the street. Exactly where? In The front RV lot, space two.  What does it look like?  Anything special a about the paint job?  Yes, it has eagle, skulls and flames. Okay lets go look at where you park it. 

OH OH. He took Bill up to space and sure enough it was gone. I got dressed and waited. Soon they were back. Policeman explained they'd caught the thieves in the process of stripping the RV. He gave us address where it was and had us follow him there. 

Turned a corner and there it sat surrounded by two more police cars. 

The generator was half out of its cubby on the street.  

They had us look in the thieves car to see if any of the stuff in it was ours. Sure was.

The tire isn't ours, wonder if someone else in RV parking area is missing something. 
One of the empty drawers sitting on drivers seat.  See yellow handled screw driver used to start after ignition was popped. It had a steering wheel lock on it, but policeman says they are easy to disable. 

We went inside the RV and it was a mess - but just a mess, nothing had been damaged or removed. Just all the drawers and cupboards had been emptied and stuff thrown around. Guess they didn't have time to dump these into the car yet. 

The police called a tow truck and waited with us until he showed up. Only problem was he thought he was going to pick up a motorcycle not a motorhome! But he called someone else. While waiting he removed generator and put it in the big back storage compartment that had been emptied. 

The police took all of our stuff out of the thieves car and put it inside the RV for us. So to make long story short. We have the RV, rather we took it to the dealership to have locks and generator repaired, replaced. Have contacted insurance company. Now waiting for call back from them and dealership to open tomorrow morning.  Rather shitty (sorry) way to begin the day.  

We really don't know if anything is missing yet. Have to go through the mess to find out for sure. There is more to the day and the story. But tired now. 

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Another warm and quiet day

The last couple of mornings I've been up by 5 a.m.  Then I get tired early afternoon and take a nap so don't go to sleep at night until after 11. Vicious cycle. 

Have as usual not done much. Watched some NASCAR from the road course at Indianapolis. Beginning of it was a wreck fest. I didn't think those heavy cars could get so high off the ground. Tomorrow is the Cup race but it is on regular NBC local channel which the owner or Dish is threatening to take off the air. I hate when they play games like that over "money." Staying on sports. Guess we will be watching the French soccer league from now on. Our favorite player Messi left the Spanish league and will be playing a few years for Paris. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to a different style of playing. 

Also finished another fun jigsaw puzzle. All kinds of candy and ice cream cones. Not very hard to do. 

I think I have finished my wall hanging. Will let it sit for a few days to see if I should do anything else to it then will bind and frame it. This is how it looks now.  The front. 

Closer look from left to right sides

The back. 
The sewing machine managed to bite me a few times. The ends of a couple of fingers are sore. Guess I really should pay more attention to how close to the moving needle I put them. Not sure yet how I'm going to finish off the edges. 
We would love to get out and away from the house for a while, but it is too hot to spend time outside and to much covid to spend time inside somewhere. A group from here where we live took a bus trip to Pahrump to visit a winery. Sounds like they had fun. Guess we are just being too careful. We talked to one of our friends in Mazatlan yesterday, he and his family are doing fine. All had their vaccinations as have all the people he works with. He says the town is really enforcing vaccination proof and masks to go anywhere. 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

I made a big mistake with the quilt wall hanging.

Trying to be better about posting. Even when there isn't much interesting going on. Mainly I'm working on the quilt wall hanging. It is about 20 inches by 15.5 inches. Right at this minute I feel like throwing it in the trash. But it isn't the quilts fault it is mine. I used the WRONG fusible web when I set it up. For you non sewers the fusible web holds all the pieces together - it is sticky and glues everything together when ironed. Well the one I used gums up my needle - So what happens when the needle gums up - the thread breaks! I have spent more time threading - or trying - to thread the needle then sewing. The web also gums up the hole/eye of the needle. So it has to be cleaned out before it can be rethreaded. Between my eyesight and shaking hands in good times it is hard to thread the needle. But one thing I am is persistent! Here are some photos showing how far I've gotten. All of the big pieces have been sewn down. I have started some of the detail stitching. 

One section. Need to put in all the shading and the trim on the lamp and the bricks. 
Another part.Still needs all detail stitching. 
This is the back, shows all I've done so far. Also I can only work on it up to about 2 p.m. As then the suns hits that wall and it gets too hot in there. 
It seemed like a good idea when I started it. . .
Was reading one of the Facebook pages from Mazatlan and thought this was interesting. This person was asked about going grocery shopping in WalMart in Mazatlan. Her response. "The stores follow the rules. Ask for your vaccine paper, check your temperature, put alcohol on your hands. No problem to get in. Only one person per family, no children under 12 years allowed in and no young people under 18 without vaccine paper or negative test. " Every one must wear masks, even outdoors and it is being enforced. If someone manages to get into a store or restaurant and the police catch them both the person and the store/restaurant or taxi get fined. One person even got arrested. Vaccines are being given as fast as they can distribute them. So we are hoping that by November things will be okay. 
Finished another puzzle - a picture of part of a pizza - it took me a few days to finish. I did the border then found nothing for a while. Then gathered all the pieces with green on them and put them together, easier after that. 
The great grand baby I made the quilt for was born yesterday. Seven pounds seven ounces, her name is Seraphina. She lives in Arizona and has one older sister.
That's all the news from here. 

Monday, August 9, 2021

Lazy, hazy day

Well the wildfire smoke finally made it our way. Can't even see the mountains right behind us. (started writing this a couple of days ago.) Everything outside is kind of yellowish brown. Got the air purifier turned up to Turbo inside here. Hopefully tomorrow the wind will change directions. Bill took the drone up - when looking west it usually can clearly see all of The Strip and the mountains in that direction. Today can not see any thing. When he zooms in can barely see a big white building/roof. That is only a few blocks from us on Boulder Highway. Nothing beyond that. 

I have all the pieces on my project. Now I start the interesting party. Putting in details with stitching. Just have to remember how to set up my sewing machine for free motion quilting/sewing. 

(today) Have not done much on the quilt. Did the big green plant then decided I needed to think more about how to do things. Still thinking...
I did get to watch three NASCAR races over the weekend. Road course races make for interesting racing. Also saw on the news that our favorite soccer player, Messi is not going to be playing for Barcelona any more. That was a shock.
What a difference a day makes. Bill took this yesterday, most of the smoke was gone. Some of it is back today, but the wind is supposed to pick up from the south by tonight. Should blow most of it away.
We went to WalMart very early this morning, spent more time there then we expected. Could not find anything. All the store is being changed around. I guess they stopped ordering items or just stopped stocking the shelves. Shelf after shelf empty. Big signs on them saying not to put items as they were going to be moved. Did not make shopping easy.
Every one had on masks, no mask, no enter. 
Our son just came by and set us up with Netflix. So guess I'll spend some time looking around to see what is there. 
That's all there is to write about.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

We had an adventure

Yesterday we took a small trip - for us any trip away from the house is an adventure any more. We had found a couple of interesting places on line so thought we'd pay them a visit. The first was Bagels & Shmear. It is a huge bagel bakery and restaurant. It is up by all the convention centers so we picked a day there were no conventions to go there. 

About a month ago a brand new resort opened on The Strip it is Resorts World and it is a huge red building. Here it is reflected in a building across the street from the bagel place. We are a couple of blocks from The Strip here. 
Inside, Bill went to check out bagels and I played tourist with my camera checking the display cases out. Donuts...Makes my teeth ache to look at the frosting.
More donuts and pastries. Would you buy one to take home as a souvenir?  Or eat it right away. 
Big sales area, lots of good stuff. 
Off to the left is the entrance to their restaurant. Not too many people when we were there. 
Oh my! Makes my mouth water to see or think about them. Nope, did not get one. 
Back outside - the door handles, clever but feels funny. Bill got some rye, pumpernickel and egg bagels.
Heading across the strip to our next stop. See the red building reflected here too? 
The name of this is Delices Gourmands French Bakery. We could smell the yummies before opening the door. The cafe part is not open due to lack of staff. 
A rather unfriendly clerk packing our order. Six regular croissants and two chocolate ones 9 when we got home only had one chocolate and 7 regular.) Oh well - I scarfed down the chocolate one so fast it gave me a stomach ache.
As I said the cafe part isn't open. Looks pretty though. 
Some of the delicious looking bread. 
Shopping done we came home. Four new homes have been delivered to the community we live in - yes, manufactured homes. Waiting to be put together. Price $219,999. Very small lots, no garage. 
Unpacking our goodies. He also got a couple of pastries. 
We were home by 10:30 because as you can see we are back into another heat wave. Only 112 yesterday. But the official temperature is usually a couple of degrees lower then where we live in the lowest part of the valley. At least the humidity is gone. 
105 seems cool to us.  So no going out and wandering around for us for a while. Sure don't want to go into any place there are crowds of people. When we go to grocery store we go about 7 a.m. - almost empty then. There is a mask mandate for all indoor areas here again. And many places are requesting proof of vaccination before they let you in. Especially smaller stores and independent restaurants and bars.
I continue to work on my quilt.