Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Good start to the day

 Actually this was at sunset last night looking out over the desert. 

This morning looking out back again over the desert. We have a lot of clouds in the sky today and some sprinkles over the valley compliments of Hurricane Nora. We are under Flash Flood warning for the next couple of days. But doubt we'll see any rain here on the valley floor. Very, very humid, but temps are supposed to stay below 100.

Then I happened to go out front looking south west. It/they lasted about one half hour. Maybe Henderson did get a little rain, or it is just the humidity in the air that gave us this pretty double rainbow. 
It has been cool enough for Bill to work out in the garage a little bit. He is working on replacing the wooden box that was stolen.
Hurricane Nora really hit Mazatlan and surrounding areas hard. Guess we won't be going to El Quelite this year. Unless they work fast on getting  in a new bridge. 

I read a lot of the town got flooded too. Hope every one we know there is okay. Don't have any ones phone number from there. Might try calling the restaurant we always go to tomorrow.
This is Mazatlan.
And I've been complaining about the heat - shame on me. 
Well the 4 sided inspectors came by this morning. Neighbor told me they were taking pictures of our patio. Probably other things too.  Just wait for their letter now. 
Fixed chicken tetrazine for dinner. Haven't made it for a long time, turned out pretty good. Comfort food. Had asparagus with it. And another month comes to an end. Tomorrow will back up my computers. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Gorgeous pics of the sky! They'll have a new bridge of some sort up in no time at El Quelite. The free road to Mazatlan is important and if the traffic crosses over to the Maxipista at Estacion Dimas they get stuck with that last enormous toll just before Mazatlan. Too expensive. Our house fared well in the storm so we were lucky.

Unknown said...

Kathy - glad to hear your home was okay. Hoping they get bridge somewhat fixed before we get down there.