Sunday, September 5, 2021

I no longer understand new technology

Sunday morning - going to try to get this done before all today's racing begins. 

Here is a link to some of the damage caused by hurricane Nora in Mexico. It hit the little town of El Quelite and our favorite restaurant. Looks like the owner and all the people who work there pitched in to clean things up.  If the restaurant got flooded I imagine a lot of the homes did too. And the bridge there is still out. 

We had an unexpected visitor the other afternoon. Mr road runner came by. They are sure funny birds. 

We have both been keeping a little busy. Bill in the garage building me a new box to replace the one that was stolen.
The box is almost finished. 
This one is really fancy. 
Even padded inside so things don't slip around and rattle. 
I on the other hand have been lazy and working on a puzzle. Took me a couple of days working on it off and on. Just 500 pieces. 
Well got "the letter" about what we need to do to make our home acceptable to the HOA. Surprisingly enough it was better than I expected. I did a lot of worrying about nothing. We only have to have these bushes trimmed and shaped. No problem will have the gardener do it this week. 

So we'll be good for another six months. 
Bill is also working on a rooster made of wood for me. He started it last year and works on it when the temperature in the garage is tolerable. He got a lot of work done the other morning.
Here is the pattern. Lots and lots of work in it. 
My complaint about technology - for some reason the rights to the South American World Cup qualifying games were obtained by FuboTV. Not going to be shown on cable. So many damn darn things are going to STREAMING. Guess we will eventually be forced into it. Any way went on line signed up for FuboTV - free trial cause Argentina and Brazil play today. Worked about an hour and finally got to a window that said 'No games today"  Well poop on them. Called customer service. Push this, push that. 45 minute wait to talk to customer service. Hung up and canceled subscription. Don't have the patience for that stuff any more. Besides it is $65 a month!! 
We are going to have three more very warm days - 109 on Monday then cooling down to high 90's with maybe some rain. Can't wait for summer to be over. 


SandyM said...

The new box is so beautiful; sure shows the love Bill has for you. I like this last puzzle as well as the one before it - the one with eggplants; both puzzles are very colorful and interesting. Also, very good picture of the Road Runner - watching birds is a favorite thing for me - right now it is hummingbirds and Canadian geese that stop to visit our neighbor’s pond. Last year there were two that stayed all through the Winter. Can hardly believe it is September….July seemed like a very long month, August zipped right on by and now it is September the month I thought we would be making a final decision about going to Mexico in January 2022. The Covid numbers are very bad here in our county of WV so would not travel today but things may change enough for us to go in January 2022. Sure hope so. Hope you and .bill can travel to Mexico this Winter, too.

Kathy Tycho said...

Very ornate box..what do you put in it? The rooster will be beautiful when it's done. Yes technology is an ongoing learning curve. We are stuck waiting for your border to open by October and if not..we'll get to Mazatlan anyway. Lots of our friends are already booked or making plans but the poor RVers are stuck so far.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy -covid cases are way down in Mazatlan now, they really had stringent protocols, seemed to have worked. Cases are going down here in Vegas too. And vaccinations are going up. Hopefully Labor Day weekend doesn't cause a big up tick.
Kathy - I keep it on the dining table and use it as a "junk drawer" - keep post its, my glasses, business cards, pencils, calculator etc in it. Sure hope the US opens it border, stupid not to..but stupid is as stupid does, what can I say.