Friday, September 24, 2021


 Have made quite a bit of progress on my projects the last few days. The top of the quilt is done. Here it is on our California King bed, so it should be big enough for regular or queen size bed. And we went to fabric store and I found a great material for the backing and it was on sale and also had a coupon. I'm going to use it both for the backing and the binding. It is dark blue with Burgundy flowers in it.

Been getting up early the last few mornings. This was day before yesterday's sunrise. 

So nice to walk without the sun beating down on me. Even when it is below 80 it gets hot when the sun is out. Managed 2 3/4 miles.
Still working on this darn puzzle. It is one of the hardest I've ever done I think. All bread looks alive when it is a puzzle piece. 
Yesterday morning after the walk we went to JoAnne's to get the material for the quilt backing. Then to Albertsons for some groceries while there we decided to get this years "old people" flu shot. Boy I could feel every bit of it going in. Later in the afternoon my arm was sure sore. Today my arm isn't sore but about midnight last night I got sick. Chills, fever, aches etc. Still lethargic today and achy. First time the flu shot has bothered me and it really is bothering Bill too. Hopefully tomorrow we will both feel better. 
This is a three NASCAR race weekend, races are her in Vegas. So I'll be occupied watching them. And maybe trying to find a puzzle piece or two. 


gumo said...

I had the same reaction a couple weeks ago so it is a potent flu vaccine this year.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Was just wondering when flu shots will be available here.
Quilt is gorgeous.

Kathy Tycho said...

Ours are always too late here in BC..they start mid October and don't get to Terrace until late Oct early Nov so maybe we'll get one in Mexico.

Carol and Bill said...

A few other people I've talked too have said this is the first one that made them sick. "The scientists" must think it is going to be a bad flue season.
We usually don't get the flu shot until October, but were in the pharmacy and no line so thought why not? Glad it is done and over with.