Friday, September 10, 2021

El Quelite

I am still having trouble with technology - using my favorite browser blogger will not allow me to sign in. Was fine until a week ago. Can't seem to get it to cooperate. Oh well, using a different browser that so far isn't giving me problems. 

Our weather that was supposed to cool down DIDN'T. Still up around 105 and will be over 100 for next six days at least. The seventh day it will be 99 - except probably where we live in lowest and hottest part of valley it will still be over 100. I think it is getting to me. That and being cooped up. Have you ever woke up in the morning and felt every one of your years plus a few extra. Seemed like everything felt off. Including my brain. Coffee, coffee, coffee - 

Here is another article about the aftermath of Nora on our favorite little town of El Quelite. You can click here to read it and see some pictures. I loved this paragraph Especially the part about the accumulation of sand exceeds the shovels and wheelbarrows.

Yesterday morning we had a pretty sunrise. The first in a long time.

I was looking for something to do and at same time craving pineapple upside down cake. So had this cake mix in the cupboard. Don't think I've ever used this type - pudding in mix - before. Instead of using the water called for I used the pineapple juice from the can. 
It turned out really good. Actually made two cake rounds. One is now in freezer or I will eat it all before end of day. The cake part itself was more dense then regular but tasted good. 
Started a new puzzle a couple of days ago - not getting much done on it. Not only are all the pieces almost the same color, they are the same color as the table and blend in with it. I am thinking of just putting it back in the box. 
Leave it to Vegas, that is a Raider's eye patch on the Sphinx. Their first home game with fans in the stadium is Monday night. Hope they are a whole lot better then they've been in the past. 
We got our oleander bush trimmed, hope the HOA is satisfied. It sure looks ugly now. According to them it can't be higher than the roof line and must be shaped. They come on Monday to inspect that it is done.
Meanwhile on the side yard the flowers and bushes are in compliance and blooming beautifully. 
Not much else to write about. Did I mention humidity is up today also. We might get some rain later today. And we probably will 'cause Bill washed the Jeep this morning...


Jackie McGuinness said...

I smile every time I see your header. Bush looks pretty.

Barb said...

Could I get your"looks easy with a mix" pineapple cake recipe? Makes my mouth water every time you share pictures.

Anonymous said...

Try free puzzles online, on a lap top or an iPad. Cake looks good!

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - thank you.
Barb - I just used the box mix that I posted about and used pineapple juice instead of water in the mix. I melt lots of butter on bottom of pan then lay out the pineapple slices and pour the mix on top. Really easy.
I've tried the on line puzzles but can't "get into them" Maybe after this one they will look more fun to me.