Thursday, October 21, 2021

Plans are made to be changed.

The fates laugh when we make plans don't they. We will hear this morning if a water heater can be found, when it will show up and when it can be installed. Do you believe that the WHOLE mobile repair company is going on a one week vacation starting Sunday. Maybe if the heater gets here soon Maybe they can squeeze us in before they leave - otherwise... The whole interior of it was corroded. No saving it.  Well we've called another mobile service, he doesn't believe the whole thing needs to be replaced. He'll be here Sunday. So guess we will be staying in this NICE park for a while longer, 

It got so cold here last night. I woke up freezing and I'm never cold. Bill got up and turned the furnace on but he pushed the wrong button and just the fan was blowing, no warm air. I got up about 5:30 - wondered why the air was cold. Got the flashlight and figured it out. Finally warming up in here. We need to replace our electric blanket. Should have gone to Penny's yesterday, there was one next to Best Buy. But didn't, will today. Supposed to get up to high 80's today though. 

Our experience with Best Buy was bad. They had four clerks in the whole store. Customers standing around waiting to be helped. We waited about a half hour. Would have left if there was some where else to go. The day before I found a laptop in WalMart I would have bought. Not in stock, not at any WalMart in Tucson. They had the same one in Best Buy for $300 more - no thanks. I ended up getting just a basic HP. It works for me. 

There are two good mobile RV services here in Amado. We had called both of them - the first one that called us back we had come out. Wish now we'd used the other one - he is probably not going on vacation. (see above) The RV park we usually stay in here in Amado has no spaces available they are full of construction workers until end of December so we are staying in the one next door De Anza RESORT! Which means it is way more expensive and just a tiny bit nicer, but not THAT much nicer.  Some pictures from the park.

But about the water heater, it is the tankless kind. Which I hate - but cant do anything about that. But the poor repair guy he had to work on it through this tiny vent hole. They thought the screen on the water intake was plugged and this was the only way to get to it. It wasn't so then he took the whole heater out from the front. (this is the only picture I've taken in 2 days.) He had to get a flashlight and his camera phone and his arm in there! 

So here we sit for a while. Going to go to Mexico tomorrow to do all our paper work, so in the RV we'll just have to drive on. 

Bill also called the RV tech in Mazatlan, he says he'd look at the water heater when we get there and if need be he can order from the states...but how long will we be without hot water. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Have new computer - be back later

 I got my new laptop. It has Windows 11 lucky me. So far have managed to load a couple of programs but it has been a challenge.  Will return later to do update. Water heater in RV has to be replaced. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 We are in Amado, AZ for a few days. Today's drive was good  no wind and good roads. Staying at a different RV park than usual. When I put In parks password for Internet it fried my laptop. Got to get a new one tomorrow.  Will post when I learn how to use it. Might take a day or two.

Monday, October 18, 2021

A little progress today.

 We had a short travel day today. We left Quartzsite after fueling up at 10:45. And pulled into the Sonoran Desert RV Park in Gila Bend around 1:30. 132 miles. This is a really, really nice RV Park out in the middle of the desert. Huge spaces 100' x 55'  very level, cable TV, fast WiFi and views forever. Set up for Snowbirds with lots of extras that of course we aren't using. $49.95 a night. 

We were a little later leaving Quartzsite then we planned. Stopped at the Flying J there to get gas. Only a couple of gasoline lanes open that we'd fit into. When we got there there was a pickup truck with a trailer with two cars on it getting gas. Pulled in behind him - of course we were in the driveway but mostly out of the way. We waited, and waited and waited for him to pull away. I finally got out to see what the hold up was. No one was in or around truck. We were committed to that lane. About eight minutes later driver comes strolling out of Subway with his half eaten sandwich and drink and calmly walks up to truck gets in and drives away. One of my pet peeves is people who finish fueling their vehicles and then go get something to eat or go shopping. MOVE YOUR DARN VEHICLE!  I know sometimes they have to go inside to pay. Here it wasn't necessary to go inside to pay.  

It is a pretty drive across the I-10 - love the desert scenery.

However - about a half hour into the drive the wind started to pick up. And pick ! It was shaking and moving us around a good bit. Takes a pretty good breeze to blow that big of a flag out almost straight. 
We were both glad we weren't going and further. Usually we go all the way to Amado but that is getting to be a long trip for us. Especially with the wind. So we got settled in, took a nap and ate left over pizza. Wind is continuing to blow. 
And that is it for the day.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Some fun sights in Quartzsite.

We had a quiet and calming day here in Quartzsite. I haven't taken a picture of this marker in a long time so thought I'd include one today. Seems like the camel has become more and more important to the town. 

Most of the RV parks have very few people in them. But then again we are here earlier than usual this year. But every one we talked to were so happy the US/Canada will be open soon and those snowbirds will be hopefully returning this winter. 

Just a picture of the landscape and pretty sky.

We were surprised to find this huge electric vehicle charging station at the west end of the town. There were a couple of cars there getting charged. The picture is of a very small portion of it. 
A pretty metal work camel for sale. 
A couple more in the same metal working yard. 
Then we pulled over to check this out. The Quartzsite Camels. 
Hum...something to do...hunting for camels in Quartzsite.  Check out her lips!
Another view of her. 
And in the same place we found Le Mac.
Oh my gosh, do you suppose he is being kidnapped? Or maybe just to a new home. 
Passing this old gas station I spotted some old cars behind it. So we had to go check them out. 
A couple beauties here. Wonder if they are for sale? Or just wasting away here.

Wouldn't it be great to drive around in him?
Then we went home so I could be upset by not being able to watch the race. I managed to find it being broadcast on the radio and the leaderboard on NASCAR. So kind of listened to it. Not very satisfying. would have loved to watch the last stage, caution after caution. At least my driver is above the cut line, but still two more races to go before the final four. 
Then we went for another ride to hunt more camels. This one is right next door to the RV park and I think the best one. Lots of work to make it. 
A closer look at art of him. 

Driving around looking for more and we found another one. Not a real good picture but found him. 
Then we went looking for the Hi Jolly Monument. Forgot it was part of the cemetery. 
The monument.
Why  there is a monument. 

And yet another camel. By the "Fresh Jerky" store. So glad the jerky is fresh.
Hum...? A joke or real? 
Every year thaa
Every time that we pass through here - after we leave I think "We should have gone to Silly Al's for Pizza." Well this time we did. Very good pizza. 
Inside. They were very busy and we were kind of surprised to see no one wearing a mask. We had ours on and got some strange looks. Oh well. We ordered take out.
And that was how we spent our day in Quartzsite. On the road again tomorrow, but it will be a shorter trip. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021


Thursday afternoon look who we got home. Every thing is working fine and all damage thieves did has been repaired. But you can bet I really cleaned him. Sprayed so much Lysol around the alarm went off. 

So we decided it was time to GO - we've been home long enough. The rest of Thursday and all of Friday were loading days. Which also includes doing a lot of cleaning and straightening of house. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I got over 9000 steps each day.  Now I'm sitting down and don't intend to get up. LEAVING LAS VEGAS at 9:30 this morning. 

Pretty uneventful trip. Some wind after getting on the I-40 (which in places is in worse shape than ever)
Crossing the Colorado River. First time I've ever seen that many boats on the river. Maybe because we usually don't travel on weekend days. 

Crossing into Arizona. I should have a dollar for every time I've taken a picture of this sign. 
Lots and lots of people traveling. A big off road competition in the desert. I tend to forget how rugged the landscape is around the area. Like some thing out of a prehistoric movie.
So we did 213 miles - both of us were glad when we got here to Quartzsite. Took us about 4 1/2 hours. Not in a rush and lots of traffic out and about today. So getting settled in. Also discovered more things the thieves took - our electric blanket is gone, but the controls are still here. Also Bill is missing one of his gadgets. Something to do with the speedometer - a separate gage that is easy to read and tells him all kinds of stuff. 
Got everything set up, that I have remembered, and tried to sign into the parks Internet. Whoops - messed up my laptop. Nothing but a BLACK screen. Turned it off and on several times, same black screen. Next time I turned it on I pressed every key I could think of - one of them worked cause it is working now. But I'm kind of afraid to turn it off again. So I'm using my Verizon MiFi. Now I have to call Dish TV to change our address on it so I can get the local channels so I can watch the NASCAR race tomorrow.  Any way I am hoping that will work. But don't know where "local" channels would come from out here in middle of desert. Oh just lovely - got the local channels but NBC is not available at this time. CRAP
PS no idea what that "label" thing is - and don't know how to get rid of it. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

For all our Canadian friends

 Just over the news  

WASHINGTON, Oct 12 (Reuters) - The United States will lift restrictions at its land borders with Canada and Mexico for fully vaccinated foreign nationals in early November, ending historic curbs on non-essential travelers in place since March 2020 to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hope to see every one in Mexico. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Trip through the wetlands.

 We are getting a real cold and windy weather system coming through Vegas today  and tomorrow. Weatherman said winds would pick up about 11 a.m. - Yep right on time. Heard the screen door banging and looked out window. The winds are here. Only supposed to reach high 60's today. Bill is freezing! Wind gusts might reach up into high 60 mph. Guess better remember to get trash cans in as soon as they are emptied. And there is more lasting snow predicted for the mountains. 

I went out walking this morning got in 7,035 steps in one hour. So almost three miles so far today. Wearing my new shoes, not sure if I like them. Too bad now. Okay for short walks I guess. 

Bill and I took a walk the other afternoon in the wild wetlands behind where we live. Just some pictures from there. Hard to believe it is the Vegas desert. This one is actually from my walk this morning. Nice blue sky and no wind yet. 

The parks department is building a new playground in the wetlands. It is supposed to have interactive displays - one will be a huge birds nest kids can get into. Doing a lot of work. 

Just looking across the desert. 
He could care less we stopped to look at him. 
One of the many ponds. Lots and lots of water plants in it now. 
It is such a nice area to walk in. Very seldom see any one else. 
Another local who didn't care we were there. 
Some kinds of plant was blooming. Pretty color. 
Just the plants and the sky.
An area where the water had dried up. 
Another pond. Lots of water in them this time.
It was a really nice walk, we always wonder why we don't go there more often. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Walking around

 We've been having some strange weather lately. Quite cool with even cooler weather coming this week. Might even get snow on the mountain!. Started out walking yesterday and ended up stopping early because of rain. Rained off and on all morning. 

I got some new shoes for walking. Got them at Costco  - Sketchers. Wanted to try them on before buying them. Could not get the laces untied! Some nice lady came up behind me and said, "Honey, that bow is for looks only, it doesn't untie. They are slip ons." Good thing she told me before I tore the darn bow off. So tried them on and got a couple of pair. They are very comfortable. Some more Halloween decorations around the park. This house decorates for every holiday. 
So does this one. 
Then we saw this...Kind of made us stop in our tracks. Don't remember ever seeing it before. Almost looks real!
The mountains behind us during sunset on day. Sure look pretty. 

The quilt is completely done. Hope I remember to take it with us. 
Have no projects going, so doing a lot of reading. Thinking about starting a puzzle just for something to do. 
Sunset the other night after the rain. The colors were nicer then showing here. A little more red then photo.
Heard from dealer, still waiting for a couple of parts to finish repairs. I really want to clean it good when we get it back. Get all the cooties out from the thieves. And make sure nothing else is missing or not working. 
Two NASCAR races this weekend and a soccer game to keep us amused for a little bit.