Friday, December 17, 2021

 On Thursday Bill had an optometrist appointment in Centro at 2:00. By noon we were bored so we jumped in the Jeep and headed across town. The traffic was HORRID, don't know what was going on but it took almost an hour to go through town. The building downtown that I've been taking pictures of. When they tore down the Dairy Queen and the rest of the strip mall it was said " Dairy Queen will be in the new building." Well guess they meant it. Their sign is up and furniture inside. Good. 

Even with the traffic we got across town way before the appointment time. So we decided we'd go to the Plazuela Machado and eat lunch. There were a couple of boats in town so some of the restaurants in the Plazuela were open. And look what we saw. A fifteen year old girl getting her pictures taken. She is so pretty. Look at those petticoats.
We decided to eat at Gaia. Haven't eaten there in a couple of years. Also gave us a great place to watch the picture taking. 
They added a beautiful flowing cape to the dress. 
Last picture taken by us. She had some more taken in the gazebo and on the other side of the plaza. 
Just one of the buildings around the area. During the day the streets are not blocked to traffic. 
This is where we ate. 
Bill had chicken Caesar salad - love the presentation and he said it was delicious. It is served in a taco shell.
I was craving meat so I had a hamburger and fries. Very good. 
After eating it was time to go to the eye doctor. Leisure walk up the street. This statue cracks me up for some reason. It is so weird. 
We passed the Casa Haas  on the way to Angel Flores. The door was open for once so of course had to stick my camera in. I see that the place is being used quite often now for concerts, art exhibits and lectures. When it was being remodeled years ago the contractor told us it was going to be used as a museum of Carnaval. Guess that never happened  Click here to see the remodel being done. 
Sorry but every time we pass this building I just have to take a picture of it. One of my favorites. I love all the tile work on it. And the balconies.
See what I mean. 
Walked pass the three story new parking garage, checked out the rates. The same as most parking lots. But bet it doesn't change and go up for weekends and holidays like some of them do. 
Heading down Angel Flores to optometrist. I had stopped to take picture of garage rates - he keeps going. 
Here is where we go. He got his eyes examined for new lenses and we dropped of my very old frames which finally broke beyond repair. So will get new frames and same prescription since it still works. 
While he was getting his eyes examined I went across street to check out Christmas decorations. Not too much this year.

It is probably pretty when lit up at night. 
I thought they were going to repaint this building. Saw them working on filling patches etc. last week, but guess they had some of the ugly not quite blue paint left and are just retouching it. 
The back of the parking garage. Bill was in the bank on the corner behind me getting change so I stayed outside and took pictures. Didn't notice the bird on the base of the pole until I saw the picture. 
Where we parked, the lot used to be part of many buildings I guess. 
An old door frame. People were a lot shorter then. 
Guess the hotel didn't raise its prices for this weekend. On long weekends they are up to 825.
Stopped at grocery store before going home. The bottom floor is parking and little stores. First time here years ago it was strange to have to ride a walkway to the second floor to shop. This isn't like a step escalator, it is flat like a belt. 
This is in the bakery department. All the baked goods are in cases and you choose what you want then give them to the clerk to be wrapped, bagged and priced. This sign says "Don't eat the products before paying for them." Hum....
Heading back down the walkway  the carts lock on when going up or down. Can't move them. 
Then home for the day. 
Weather has really changed. Only in the high 70's and humidity is low. Strange considering how cloudy it is. Nice breeze too.


Anonymous said...

More delightful photos - thank you for sharing. Bill’s Caesar salad looks delicious - big yum!

Carol and Bill said...

He said it was VERY good. And would order it again.