Thursday, December 23, 2021

A little ChristmasSpirit


Getting a little Christmas cheer here. Except for Bill's lights outside we don't have any Christmas decorations in the RV. I do have a couple Christmas items I could have put out but didn't remember them until today. Just table mats and dish towels. And not sure where they are. Used to decorate the Alpha with tree and everything. But no where to put a tree in here so got rid of it all. Not as bad as bah humbug, but just doesn't feel festive any more. 
Yesterday mornings sunrise - had possibilities but didn't get as pretty as I thought it would. 
We went out to La Martina Restaurant for breakfast. Always a nice drive out there and lovely atmosphere while there. It is such a pretty place to just sit and take it in. 
Colorful and peaceful. 
Who wouldn't like to just sit back and enjoy this. 
I love the colors and tranquility. We got there at nine so for quite a while we were the only customers there. 
Just taking a snooze. Yes he/she is real. 
More color and plants. 
Don't go in the kitchen the cook is crazy. 
Bill chanced it and came out smiling. 
Would love to be able to grow one of these ferns that big. 
Another look at the front area. 
This tree is just starting to bloom. The flowers haven't opened yet. 
The bougainvillea on the drive out. They are getting so big. 
When we got back to town we stopped by the dentist, she wasn't there! Then into Centro to pick up my glasses and leave Bills to have the new prescription lenses put in. Then home.
I ended taking a long nap, for me, during the afternoon. 
The town is full of tourists and the traffic is getting congested. Good time not to go too far. Today we went to Walmart for groceries early this morning and just came home from a late lunch, early dinner across the street. Except for picking up the laundry no plans for tomorrow. But that can always change. 

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