Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Continuing on our Sunday ride. Central Park and new Aquarium building

Time flies by, we've been on the road for 54 days already. And the weather took an unexpected change last night. It got REALLY cool, in fact I was cold most of the night. So the new blanket is on the bed and a fleece throw is over it. If it is still cold tonight the quilt will be going back on the bed. Bill turned the furnace on when he got up this morning. Felt pretty good. Today is supposed to reach mid 80's and still humidity is in the 60's. 

The alarm guy came by yesterday. Hopefully he got it fixed. Though it beeped once when it was on after he left. Will check it out later today when other people in park are gone. 

These are from Centro. There are wires going every where. I wonder how many of the still have a function.

A band that was playing in the Plaza downtown. These guys were off to somewhere, but the drummers were still drumming in the plaza. 
People lined up to go into Panama Restaurant for breakfast. Looks like the vendor was selling onions. 
Always see women out sweeping the sidewalk and street in front of their homes and businesses in the morning. 
This is a very old home in Centro, in past years I have seen the shutter and/or door open so assumed someone was living there. Also seen a TV on through the open window. Until yesterday it has been closed up tight. We were wondering about who ever lived there. Well wonder no more, guess they are still around. 
Sitting and talking in the street when the house is too hot to stay in. 
Another Christmas decoration. By the orange bellied sea lions. 
We went down by the still in progress Central Park. This is how it will look. We were driving along the bottom side of it. 
They have got a lot done on the new aquarium. Supposed to open some time next year. Going to be big!
Looking north from the walkway. Lots of nice parking along here too. 
Birds hanging out. Lots of little duck like birds swimming, even some tiny babies. Didn't get pictures of them. 
Looking across the water to the park, park. 
The baseball stadium. 
Another Christmas decoration by Valentino's
It is funny to watch the price of rooms at this hotel. This is the weekend price. The weekday price is 550. The holiday price is even higher. 
Tried to find somewhere to send a fax from this morning. No luck. Not even at Office Depot. Gave up. So download a fax app and hope it worked. Then there is the fact that you cannot call an 800, 855, 877 etc number from here. You have to know the magic code. Luckily several years ago I found a list of the magic codes and saved it to my laptop. Just had to remember where I saved it to. Still waiting to hear if it went through okay.


SandyM said...

So enjoy reading your posts, Carol, they are fun. When we visited Mazatlan we always checked out the prices at that hotel/motel and as a holiday got closer watched them going up and up. Fun to see their sign again. Thanks for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - it was 550 when we went by it yesterday.