Monday, December 13, 2021

Rest of walk day we were looking at new restaurants.

 After we left the last restaurant we continued walking around the large block back to the car. Strange graffiti on utility box. 

These are some of the restored homes along the way. It is funny as many times as we've driven down this street I haven't noticed some of them. Really like this one. 
And next to it this one, a little smaller but still nice. 
This one I've posted pictures of the car in the driveway with all the plants on top of it. 
A closer look at some of the detail on the roof of the home. 
And another one. Looks like this one even has a garage. Very few of these home have some place to park a car. 
On the corner. It has been repainted since we left in the spring. 
And this is new. There was a whale there before I think. Lots of detail on it. 
The same building just the walls left  - these are old ones, posted them before. 
More of the same building. 
More of same building. Beautifully restored building right next to it. 
Outdoor seating for El Presido. Strange as their main seating area doesn't have a roof so it is more or less outdoor. See a lot of this restaurants with tables and chairs out on the sidewalk. 
NIce paint job on this one. Notice it is two different  home/businesses where the color of the paint changed around the windows etc. 
Looking though the upper windows, nothing but sky. 
Looking through the downstairs windows. At least there is a ceiling. Something could be there. 
Looks like they have apartments for rent. Wouldn't mind living here. 
I like the name of the Cafe. 
A tree grows any where it take root. Building must have been built in the mid 1800's

Didn't see this car when we went into the café. 
And that ended our walk that day. We've been busy since so have more to post. Today the mechanic is picking up the Jeep to take it to shop to replace most of the AC. So it will be like brand new. So will spend the day at home I guess,  Have some videos to work on and breakfast at the Cafe Mayora to post about. Also running out of GBs only have about 2 left, but replenished at midnight tonight I think. 


Mark said...

I can't express to you how much I'm looking forward to walking around Centro with you two when I get there in a few weeks. I always love going for those walks and have you point out all the things that I would miss. My favorite time was when we took a walk at night thru the area.

Andy said...

Love looking at your photos and reading the comments.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark, soon, we haven't been there to walk around at night yet. Just from Plaza to parking lot.
Andy - thank you. Sometime I think I ramble on too much and/or add too many photos. But I love to share them.

SandyM said...

Carol and Bill, it would be great to be your “captured tourists” for a few days. Oh, the things we would see!
Love your photos and descriptions of what you see on any of your adventures.