Sunday, December 12, 2021

Last restaurant on list. and our winter home.

 I wanted to check out three restaurants that day. This is the last one on the list. All right in the same area. I should clarify - it is right next to this building. Or maybe part of this building. 

The open door to the restaurant It is Café Escobedo. Last year when we were here we watch them working on the entrance doors. Was wondering why - didn't realize there was a restaurant behind them.
Still the outside of the building, old hand made bricks. 
The three restaurants we visited the first one is open all day. We were looking at them about 2:30 - so it was after lunch and way before dinner time. Also the 2nd restaurant really wasn't open yet - it opens at 3:00 and this restaurant opened at 2:00. There was actually a couple at one of the tables. Dinner time/supper time here is usually after 7:00. We are usually done eating when the restaurants begin to fill up. So heading in this one. 
A closer look at one of the doors, I think they were neat. 
Looking into the restaurant. Looks like the entrance might have been a driveway at some time. The roof is gone, open air. 
The menu, again hard to read because of lighting. Very limited menu. Only thing here Bill could eat is green salad. 
Inside the restaurant. By the size of the tree I'd guess there has been no roof for many, many years. The tables are up by the umbrellas. No one here to greet us. 
Small eating area. But intriguing to wander around in. 

Strange how the roots of this tree grew. There was a big wooden beam that they grew across.
Looking towards the front of the place. 
Another look at the front door the other half. 
More of the outside of the building. 
We continued walking around the block but will post those pictures next time. 
Thought I'd post some pictures of our winter home. Sunrise a couple of days ago with all the Christmas lights on.
Daytime of course. The plants in the front of the patio. Banana plants and bougainvillea. 
Our cars parking place. 
Plants from the back. More bougainvillea. They are really blooming now that they are getting water. We also have five planters with plants and flowers on the patio. 
Our view - several years ago it was all jungle - now all houses. 
Went out to breakfast this morning at the first restaurant we visited the other day. Good meal. Nice place. And parking is free. Humidity is down and air is cooler, nice day again. 

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Mark said...

Your garden sure is larger then I remember it from last year. Sure is looking good.