Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Christmas is beginning to show up.

Oh my goodness we are having so much fun. Actually...all we did yesterday was go out to pick up the clean and folded laundry. OH YES! Spent the rest of the day home saying "should we go do something?" Well we didn't. Read, napped and watch a few minutes of TV. We are almost at the lower end of our GBs for the month. About 4:30 it really cooled down. Enjoyed sitting out side for a while. Then got kind of cold during the night. Need to put our new blanket on the bed. 

Sunday we did go out for breakfast and then for ride across town. The Christmas decorations are starting to appear on the Malecon, they are the same ones from last year. By the Fisherman's Monument

Heading out towards the harbor, I guess they only painted the front of this building white - posted a picture of it where they covered over the murals. Turning the corner this mural is still there on the side of the building. Ran out of paint? Just gave it a mother in laws paint job? 
Drove down by the entrance to the light house trail. That road has really been cleaned up. Only one boat parked on the street now. Don't remember seeing the FARO sign last year either. Several people heading up the trail. We always discuss whether or not we'd be able to climb up there. Always come to the same outcome. Bill says he will wait at the bottom for me and I come to my senses and decide it would not be a good idea for me either. Maybe 10 years ago. Too bad I'd like to go out on the glass walkway. Maybe I could hire a couple of big strong young men to carry me up there in a chair...
The road from the observatory to the harbor has a bunch of new palm trees and flowers planted along it. Very pretty. 
Then on to the Plazuela Machado - Bill was thinking about taking his drone up but the sun was wrong and with all the humidity decided the pictures wouldn't be very good. Next time. Christmas decorations going up there too. New ones this year. 
Just thought these plants were pretty. 
The Wise Men also new. 
Still working on the Christmas tree. Couldn't find any date for the lights to be turned on. Always neat to be there having dinner when that happens. 
Never noticed this mural before, inside one of the restaurants by the theater. 
The theme for the Cultural Festival. Took a picture of it the other day - but this picture is better. I think. Besides I really like it. 
Such a pretty part of the plaza with all the trees shading the restaurants. Checking out one of the menus. 
Another look at the tree. 
These trees have a lot of decorations in them year around. 
I am sorry this building is still ugly. 
Especially compared to the one right across the street.
We continued up through town and down by the Central Park but will leave that for tomorrow as I don't think we will be doing any thing today. We did get the alarm installed in the RV. But it has a mind of its own. Even when it is not armed it beeps. When ever it feels like it - when the microwave is opened or closed, when the neighbor disarmed his truck our alarm went crazy, when a car drives by it goes off. REMEMBER I said it is NOT ON!  When it is on it does the same thing. So installer will be back today to fix it - I hope. Neighbors probably getting disgusted. Also set the dogs around us off when it beeps, beeps, beeps! It will give a lone beep for no reason at all. Nothing has gone by, nothing has been opened or closed and neither of us has moved. It is possessed!


Mark said...

I 100% agree that that building is still not as nice as all the rest of the buildings surrounding it. I'm sure they could have dressed it up too fit in better.

Kathy Tycho said...

You could do El Faro you just have to go slow and rest along the way..lots of racers..not me!

Carol and Bill said...

Hi Mark - less than 30 days now
Kathy - you have more faith in this old bod then I do. Think I'll just continue to think about it.