Sunday, December 5, 2021

Got some stuff done to the RV.

Got out for a short ride yesterday morning. Didn't stop any where just rode around for a while. Knew we'd have to stay home all afternoon. I mentioned that the RV tech Eric came and fixed the drawers. He also fixed the main front door. Had to put rivets in the hinges as the screws were wiggling and the door was off kilter. Hard to close. Did the thieves do that, maybe. Didn't have a problem with it until this time. Any way now it is secure and easier to open and close.

Later in the afternoon the mechanic came by with another gentleman who installs alarms. So now the RV also has an alarm and kill switch. I think we have to read the alarm manual 'cause every once in a while the horn beeps - just one beep. No idea why. Might have to call the installer to come back. After we read the manual. 

We never did make it back to WalMart to see doctor yesterday. 

Just some pictures from our ride about. More work being done at old Mar Rosa RV park. Taking the plaster off the outer wall.

And even more new construction.

More work being done on the new building downtown. Lots and lots of plants to put in.  Interesting look to the top level. 

This building got a new coat of white wash. Kind of covered all the murals that were here. Looked better before. 
Just a look out at the islands/rocks covered with 
One cruise ship in Friday. A busy week for the ships. One day there were three in all day. 
A couple years ago I wrote about this house. It had been painted in many different colors, looked great. There is is sign on the wall that explained why all the colors. The sign is still there but the many colors have been painted over it looks like.  Just some elegant older buildings we drove past. 
This is a store in Centro. It is prettier than the picture shows.
I like this mural, too bad there is a building right in front of it. 
And that was about it for yesterday. Glad to have the drawers, door and alarm taken care off. Still need to see doc. Today sometime. 

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