Tuesday, February 28, 2023

This that and the other thing

We have not been doing much of any thing lately. Between the painting, polishing and repairs seems like there is always some thing keeping us home. Before our friends left for home, Canada, we did make a trip to La Martina Restaurant for breakfast. The bougainvillea around the arches had been trimmed. looks great.
Some kind of vine is starting to cover the ceiling on the entrance. 
I had french toast and it came with a marshmallow heart on top. 
After eating we headed out to Las Osuna tequila distillery. Lots and lots of fields of agave plants.
A desert scene. 
I never noticed these shoes up in the huge tree in the front. Haven't seen shoes hanging from something since we left Los Angeles. 
The tree they are hanging on. (sorry about the weird color of the photos, I had it on the wrong setting.)
He just sat there and ignored us. 
Interesting grouping of plants. 
We continue to have nice sunrises and sunsets. This Sunrise  was 2/18.
This sunrise Saturday the 25th.
Hood up waiting for the electrical system repair person. No one can figure out why  the engine turns over but doesn't start. Lots of guesses and opinions though. Specialist was supposed to be here at 10:00 came at 11:30 about when we almost gave up. 
Like I said lots of opinions and guesses. 
Electrical mechanic. Had to take the cover between the seats to get to the engine. Lots of testing this and that. Finally problem was figured out. A 15amp fuse to the starter was burned out. Never even knew there were fuses where he found them. Every thing is fine now (well except water pump isn't working again.) 
And here is the sunset Saturday the 25th. They just keep coming. One morning and night after the other. 
The layers were interesting. 
Yesterday, Sunday, was a great day from beginning to end. We went to La Antigua for breakfast. Sat outside in the covered patio and enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze and the birds chirping. This dish hold Bill's hash browns. Love the decoration using ketchup and mustard!
My banana, cream cheese, caramel and walnut crepe. 
The restaurant is decorated with all kinds of old things.  Remember these?
I like the irons used as bookends. 
And later in the day watch NASCAR and my favorite driver Kyle Busch won the race. He is with a new team and a different brand of car this year. Most didn't expect him to win so soon. Second race of season. [when he wins I usually jump up and down and squeal and yell. Didn't this time as I didn't want the neighbors to think Bill was killing me, and I didn't want to go through the floor of the RV or knock it off the jacks. Yes I get that excited.]
Lifted photo off of NASCAR site. THE WINNER KYLE BUSCH!!!!
And then later we went across the street to Torres for dinner. The sunset as we were leaving. 
And today we are waiting for RV mechanic again to see about water pump. Might go to Centro later or at least to market. 
Stayed home all day yesterday - expensive repair day, water pump, batteries, no cable where there should have been one etc. etc.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Hood on the RV got repainted.

 Another undertaking while here. The mural on the hood of the RV had also faded over the years. One side more than the other. So it got repainted - same design but colors will match Jeep more. 

The problem with the RV not starting turned out to be an easy fix. Well easy after quite a bit of time figuring it out. A 15amp fuse for the starter was bad. More about that later. 

All taped up ready to go. 

Gilberto starting first on the red graphics on the doors. 
Red and black fade the worse. 
You do what you have to do any way you can. Line for the compressor. 
Starting to work on the mural. Adding more red/orange. 
Continuing around the hood. 
See the difference the new color makes. 

Working on the passenger side. 
The side that already has the new color. 
Working on the eagle. 
Right side done, left not. 

He continued working and adding more colors to finish the job. 
After - notice the eyes. 
Before - see how faded the graphic was. 
While Gilberto was painting. The painter's (Jamie, he does the clear coat) sons were busy with the Jeep. Spending a lot of time on polishing the Jeep. Ends up with a perfect mirror like finish. 

All done. The next day the RV got its clear coats and will be polished in a few days.