Wednesday, February 22, 2023

More pictures from around town

Taking it easy still, Carnaval is finally over every one should go home today or tomorrow and things should return to normal. Over 500,000 tourists in town. It is said to be the 3rd largest Carnaval celebration in the world. On Saturday we got our water pump repaired in the RV. So nice to have good water pressure now. And come Thursday Gilberto will repaint the hood of the RV. Today they are supposed to polish the new mural on the Jeep. 

Only 12 more days before we leave Mazatlan. Guess I'd better start calling RV parks in Arizona to see if there are any openings for overnighters. We do plan to stop a few places here in Mexico on the way home. It is still windy and cooler than usual here. Never experienced so much wind here, most of it coming from the north west. Our exchange for pesos to dollars keeps getting worse and worse. Lowest its been since 2018. Last year it was 22 pesos to dollar - now it is 18.36. 

Nothing interesting to say so some pictures from around town when we were still out an about. The blue bird has been on this wall for years, the musician is new, at least to me. 

They were busy setting up for Carnaval. 
Food and drink and potties for the workers.
Adding colorful wraps to the big bathroom complexes they build. 
Just some of the older building along one of the parts of the original town. 

For some reason there is no water in this water park. Maybe too windy and cool for it. 
A closer look at the sea horse on the big blue mural. 
Oops, need to change lanes all of a sudden. 
More paint of the lines an curbs on the Malecon. 
Interesting new construction of another high rise going up on the Malecon. 
Containers going to be used for something. Selling during Carnaval parades or selling condos at new construction???
Gilberto is painting the back end of a neighbors motorhome, will post pictures of it as he works on it. 

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Grandma on the Road said...

I am in Phoenix and it is still really cold here, and I know LV is the same, so take your time coming back home!!! Frankly, the only warm place in the country is Florida, so I am a little sorry I am not there!!