Saturday, February 25, 2023

Amazing skies this month.

 Are we having fun? Well no. Went to start the RV the other day and NOTHING. Finally got it to turn over but won't start. The RV mechanic was here working on someone else RV so Bill asked him to take a look, he couldn't get the RV to start either. So today we wait for an electrical wiring specialist to see if he can figure out what is wrong... More on that later. It is 11:30 specialist was supposed to be here at 10 - not coming or on Mexican time? Who knows. 

Supposed to be NASCAR race today, but it is in Fontana CA. and the weather sure sounds bad there. Well practice and qualifying were rained out. Sure glad we aren't home. They are getting freezing rain and snow and more winds this weekend. Here it is cloudy and cooler than usual but warms up during middle of day.  

Yesterday the painter came and put the clear coat on the hood of the RV, so it just needs to be polished to finish the job. But clear coat has to dry for a few days. Other than that we aren't doing much of any thing. 

Just some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago. The leaves on this cell tower need to be repainted.

A bad picture, but taken with a zoom across a big lot from a moving car - hope to get a better picture of it one of these days. I think it is on a restaurant or bar on the ocean. 
I can't figure out if they are tearing this building down or getting ready to repair it. It needs something!
Another mural on a night club. 
Noticed these strange clouds, had to take a picture. They look like waves. 
During November, December and January we didn't have many pretty sunrises or sunsets. In February things changed. Starting with sunset on the 10th. 
Bill, Sheldon and Paul - the drone is up.
Bill was taking pictures of a kind of pretty sunset. Looking west over the ocean.
Same sky only looking north - no color just streaky clouds.
And then an amazing sunset on the 11th. 

This is right out of my Sony camera, no touching up!
And then sunrise on the 12th 

Just a nice sky. 
Sunrise on the 15th - I try to remember to look out the window to see if there is any thing pretty out there. Looking south east. 
Looking north west. Color all over that day. 

Enough for now, still waiting...

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Doug and Nancy said...

Beautiful sunsets there. Doug says the best ones he has ever seen was on this past trip to Maz.