Saturday, February 4, 2023

A Three Day Weekend here

This three day weekend is to celebrate Mexico's ratification of their Constitution. People will be coming here from all over Mexico to enjoy the warm weather and the beach. We will be staying pretty close to the RV park.

This public holiday in Mexico is celebrated on first Monday in February. Mexican Constitution Day celebrates the ratification of the Constitution of 1917, adopted after the Mexican Revolution on February 5th 1917. History of Mexican Constitution Day The 1917 Constitution was drafted in Santiago de Queretaro during the Mexican Revolution."

We actually  had a few drops of rain the other night after a really cloudy, cold, windy nasty day. So far the weekend looks to be good. On Thursday we took a trip into Centro just for something to do. Also had to go to grocery store.

Here are some photos from that trip. Just the ocean and part of the skyline and some birds. 

Getting ready for Carnaval. Building rest rooms and putting up gates.
The mural at the Observatory

Good the octopus is back. A few days ago he wasn't there. Entrance for the observatory tour. 
Took a ride up this road to La Marea Restaurant at the end. 
No idea what this is or going to be. Looks like cargo containers of some sort. Stuck on a hill.

The entrance to La Marea Restaurant and lookout point.  Way before lunch time so there was parking out front on the street. 

Great views of the city from up here. 

This is different. Good picture taking point.
Another view of the city below us.

Looking down into the back patio of a building.

Looking out to sea. 
One of the old canons. 
"The Mazetlecos have always defended with callardia the lands of Mexico. This canon is witness to the Patriotism of the inhabitants of the port. Tench of Liberty. Therefore the Federal Board of Material Improvements at the initiative of C Colonel Rooolfo T Loaiza"
Better look at it. 

On the Malecon where there is some new construction planned this wall has been built and murals painted on it. Really looks nice. Maybe more are planned, I hope so. An article about it. 

MAZATLAN POST. – Have you seen the new Mazatlan mural yet? It is on Avenida del Mar, right next to the traffic light that goes down to the Aquarium and shows, in addition to the three islands and the beach, the Mazatlan International Carnival in all its splendor.

Well, this was an initiative from “Your talent, our art”, which sought to rescue spaces that had been vandalized seeking the support of municipal agencies such as SEDECTUR.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, expressed that after the results and the success that the mural has had in tourists and locals, they will seek to take it to a specific program, adding businessmen and municipal authorities to capture the beauty of Mazatlan in urban art.

Hard to get a good picture of it with traffic and from a moving car. Will try to do better another day. 

Went to breakfast this morning to the Cerritos La Antigua and got gasoline in Jeep $ 1534 Pesos - 68 liters . Always gulp at the amount. 

Gilberto the painter will be back tomorrow to do the Jeep.

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