Tuesday, February 14, 2023

And another couple of days go by.


Some unrelated pictures I've taken recently. Went to La Antigua by us the other morning for breakfast. My Cold Cappuccino.  YUMMY.

Our geraniums are blooming like crazy. 
Such a happy looking flower. 
This is looking towards the ocean. The fog rolled in suddenly one afternoon. All the buildings between the street out front and the ocean just disappeared! Weird looking. 
Then it was gone as suddenly as it appeared. 

Just a short video of Gilberto painting. He makes it look so easy. 

Here is a drone video of a sunset a few days ago. If you click here you can watch it n full screen. It is one of the less colorful ones we've had lately. 

One morning we just went for a ride to Centro. Pictures from that day. Out for a ride through the main street, all of a sudden cones in the street. 
Truck putting out the cones with a police escort. 
Ah Ha! painting the lines in the street. 
He is laying out the straight line...
A cruise ship was in town so lots of vendors out on the Malecon. 
Look at all the high rises. Popping up all over. Changing the looks of the city.
Walking along the Malecon 
Wonder what he is surveying? 
The Carnaval gates are up.
After we went through the gates on our way to Centro we got a rude awakening. The city is preparing for Carnaval so they are putting up a lot of gates across the streets. We usually take the green road. Or one of the back ones. All were shut down so we ended up taking the LONG way around. 

So saw some different things. Need to find this again to get a better picture of it. Lots of stuff on it. 
Old building. Looks like the one window has been bricked up. Trees growing inside it. 
Bet this was pretty at one time. 
When walking you have to watch out for the wires sticking out of the walls. 
At the parking lot. Kitty found a warm place to sleep. 
The colors just caught my eye. A few of the restaurants in the Plazuela Machado are open because of cruise ship in. 
Interest group of tourists. 
ARRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!  Lots of detail on his face. 
My lunch - argentine empanadas and chimichurri sauce. Ate at Gaia. 
Bills chicken Caesar salad
The pirate's feet. Looks like he had a pedicure. 
Back in the parking lot. Always laundry drying in this window. 
You can get your car washed while you shop. They do a very good job. 
Until a couple of weeks ago this was a huge hole in the road. Finally fixed. Until another big rain. 
You can tell when there are cruise ships in. More beggars out on the sidewalks.
And a whole lot of more vendors on the streets. Does any one buy this stuff?

Very old roofs.
Interesting car we passed. The shapes change color as you go by them. I like that. 
Back on the Malecon. Tearing down another building to put in another high rise. 
Another old restaurant that has been empty and falling apart for at least 15 year that we know of. It is a big lot. So much change going on here and so many new buildings and shopping and office malls going up every where. 
Weather lately has been cloudy, windy and cooler than usual. By late afternoon we have to close the door and windows. Today Las Vegas is getting a big storm, lots of rain, maybe snow in the valley and heavy winds. Much nicer here but will be pretty cool here too. 


Lee said...

Seems like everyone is commenting about the wind this year. I sure hope the weather pattern breaks soon.

So, a spectacular total eclipse is rolling right over Mazatlan on April 8th next year. Do you ever stay in Mazatlan that late in the year?

Carol and Bill said...

Lee - I hope the wind stops before we start driving home.
We wont be in Mazatlan for the eclipse, we usually head home by mid March. Not sure if we will even be here next year.