Saturday, February 18, 2023

Things we've seen riding around town.

The weather here has been weird this year. It is very very windy every day about 2 in the afternoon it starts. A couple of times I thought we were going to lose our awning and it is tied down really well. Lots of creaking and groaning from it. And it is a very cold wind. Sixteen day and we'll start heading home where the weather is worse. Snowed on the Strip a couple of days ago and the winds were so bad they blew down powerlines and one of our neighbors lost his carport. It is now wrapped around a palm tree! And la couple of nights were below freezing. Going to go home slowly I guess. Last night we were rocking and rolling here in Mazatlan again from the wind, down right COLD wind. 

We are pretty much staying in our northern area of Mazatlan until next Wednesday when Carnaval ends. Way too many people in the tourist and Centro part of town. But I've saved up some pictures from the last couple of weeks for my blog. And tomorrow the motorhome next to us will be getting its back end painted. Seen the design, amazing.

This is the NidArt gallery in Centro, it has been repainted. Looks great. 

This major project keeps moving along. Looks like a couple of hotels or condos and some offices or stores. Already putting in some landscaping. 
A Carnival decoration in one of the new shopping/office complexes in the Golden Zone. 
Driving out along the Malecon I notices three oyster divers out in the water. 
This is one of my favorite monigotes. He is on a unicycle has his beer and cigar and loving live. 
There is a whole lot of detail work in these. 
We had to stop as they walked across the road with this yellow boat. Just in the middle of the street. 
I keep hoping that this wonderful old building will someday be restored. They keep talking about it but nothing seems to happen. 
In a restaurant in the patio. Like the shadows on the wall from the plants. 
Another newly painted home. 

I was looking back on our web page and one year - 2008 - we really got around. If you want to check it out click here to be taken to the home page for that year. We went a lot of different places. For more of our travels in previous years in Mexico check out our web page at Lots of pictures of where we've been.


SandyM said...

Lots of nice photos, Carol, thanks for sharing. I agree with you about the weird weather and cold wind this year. A couple of days this week we have had to wrap up in warm Mexican blankets during the evening. Further South there have been weather problems, too, high tides and pounding waves have really changed the beach front with tides taking down palm trees in Guayabotis. The power of water can never be under estimated. This is early but want to wish you and Bill Traveling Mercies all the way home.

Doug and Nancy said...

Only 16 more days?? Yikes!!

Kathy Tycho said...

We never had our awning out in the park..those wind gusts are deadly! Cold in the concrete houses too..we've had the heat running early morning and evening. You shouldn't go home so early..stay till Vegas warms up!

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - we'll be leaving Maz on March 6th = the weather in Vegas is horrid right now. winds up to 70mph and snow and straight line rain.
Weird winter every where. Looking forward to being home for a while.
Kathy - With Bill not being comfortable in weather below 80! we've had the furnace running every night. But right now in Vegas the weather is much worse. Even snowing this morning. But I'll be glad to get home. The RV is getting smaller every day. We leave the 6th.