Friday, February 10, 2023

Painting Jeep Part 2

 Gilberto is now applying the bright orange paint. It is only mid morning. 

Continues working around the car. Retouching original paint and adding new to the doors. 
The orange is done, now he is working with a white paint pen on the eagle.. 
Besides Gilberto, the auto body painter Jamie and his sons are here. They are actually working on painting new graphics on one of the RVs here. The sons helped Gilberto sand and tape the Jeep. 
Taking a break for lunch. Bill, younger son of Jamie, Jamie, older son of Jamie, Gilberto
A dot of white added to the eyes of the skulls. 
Using the air brush with white to soften up the lines made with the pen. 
He is so precise.
Now adding definition to the wings of the eagle. 

Almost done. 

Finished. Hard to take a good picture of it because of where the sun is. 

The next day, Jamie adding several coats of clear coat. Really adds depth to the look. 

Painting done. Just have to wait for every thing to dry to take off all the paper, plastic and tape. That is Bills job. 
Before and after pictures. 


Before - note the signature and 2016 date
After the colors are more vivid. Signature and old and new date. Kind of hard to see. 
After - same configuration,  Except for more orange flames.
And that is how we spent our weekend. All comments welcomed...


Ruth's Life is Good said...

WOW, What a talented guy!! Your jeep looks fantastic!!

TC said...

It looks great, he is an Artist!!

Carol and Bill said...

He is very talented.