Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Sunrise, sunset many beautiful ones.

 This morning's sunrise. Yes I do get up that early.  

Mother Nature has been out doing herself lately Sunset the 29th

Sunrise the 31st
Sunset the 31st. 
Can't beat that for impressive. But back to man made things. Had to go hunting for these pictures as we've been kind of quiet for the last few days. Most exciting thing was we got our clean laundry back a day early...pretty bad right. Just a mural on a building we usually don't see. Not a very good shot but we were going the other direction. One of the many unexpected detours we find ourselves going on.
Had to go around the block once - don't remember seeing this one before. Kind of strange. 
Going down a very narrow colorful street. All homes that have been restored.  
Love these colors. And the window treatment. 
Abandoned building. No roof. 
A big tree. 
Another tree full of flowers and big red lanterns. 
A roof garden on an apartment house. 
Wow- building almost completely covered in these vines. 
Just more eye candy. 
I like the added trim around the doors and windows and roof line. There are no side windows in these homes, but I bet they have patios of some kind. 
A wall with a tree growing on it and a door cut in the wall. Why? What is behind that door. 
Some old graffiti. Behind that wall is a restaurant.  
Same building. 
An advertisement for Mazatlan. Skyline, pulmomia and carnival monigote.
Looking back to the end of December of 2016 - when Willie the Jeep got painted. Click here to see the process. From this 

To This. 
He may be getting more flames on him. 

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