Tuesday, January 31, 2023

More Mazatlan colors and other sights.

Spectacular sunset from a few nights ago. Hard to choose a picture to share.

A photo from Las Vegas, NV. Glad we are here.

So we have been keeping busy with all our friends here. Mostly going out to eat and looking for the monigotes - Carnaval statues. Saturday we went out for breakfast in Centro (found the two new  monigotes on the Malecon) Spent the afternoon at home - doing nothing. Then went out to dinner and missed another sunset. There haven't been too many really great ones this year. Not too much in the way of sunrises either. Weather gets up to low 80's during the day and down into low 60's at night. But the wind has been constant, a cold wind from the northwest. 

So here we go again with more pictures of colorful buildings in Maz. This one is more ornate than colorful. Lots of fancy iron work on it. 

Pink and blue. Pastel colors but pretty non the less.
Very crisp looking home. Looks newly painted. 
Building is blah, but awnings are eye catchers. 
This is one of the interior walls of the parking lot we go to a lot. So many layers of time. The bricks are old, hand made ones. Different layers of plaster. 
A lavender building - taken from the car window so some glare there.
The city is getting ready for Carnaval. This is a public bathroom. 
As Bill says "expect the unexpected" when driving here. 
Working on another new highrise.
At first from a distance we couldn't figure out what was on the roof. Looked like either cotton candy or balloons. Turned out to be a big floating toy.
Went to Plazuela Machado last night for friends, music and dinner. Perfect way to spend an evening. There were seven of us, two taxis were used. Bill doesn't like to drive so much at night any more. And the traffic was terrible. Didn't take many pictures. The Pirate all lite up in the evening. 
Just one of the restaurants in the plaza. Lots of people there for a Sunday night. 
Just a few of us. 
Rafael singing. Always great to listen to. 
And always people dancing. 
Some video clips from last night. Turn on your sound. First two are short ones. The music and musician and dancers are great. The photographer needs more practice. 

Here is Raphael playing Bill's favorite music piece Malaguena  Click here to watch it in full screen. I zoomed in on his hands and watch his facial expressions as he plays

Bill bought me another hummingbird. This one is a Huichol beaded one. Laying on his back - his tummy. 
His back. 
And that is it for today. 

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Kathy Tycho said...

Love the hummingbird...is it jewelry or wall art?