Sunday, January 22, 2023

More pictures from El Quelite

Yesterday, Saturday, we kind of just relaxed. Been doing a lot the last week. We did take a drive into Centro to see the Carnival statues that are going up along the Malecon. More on them another day. And parked and walked to the original La Antigua for breakfast. Just the two of us. Today also will be a relaxing day. 

Here are some more pictures for the restaurant in El Quelite. There is so much to see that every time we go there I see something I've never noticed before. So not much narrative just a lot of pictures. There is new tilework every where - replacing the old dirt/rock floor. 

My new header is the huge mural in the back room of the restaurant. You feel like you can just continue walking right into it. 
This wall outside in the wash has been repaired, repainted and decorated. 
Back inside. A tile mural on one of the walls. I'd like something like that above my kitchen stove. 
This is another big mural on a wall in the front area leading to the upstairs dining. 
Just some of the food you get before your meal. Gorditas, a dish of fresh fruit for every one. locally made cheese, salsa, chips, a couple of types of cream and fresh squoze orange juice. 
More tiles on floor and now the rocks are in cement instead of dirt. When the flooding happened a couple of years ago because of a hurricane and torrential rains a lot of damage happened in the restaurant. They are still repairing things. 
My breakfast - scrambled eggs with ham and chilaquiles and of course beans.
Not sure what this was - tacos and some kind of broth/soup. Doug said it was very good. 
Bill and Nancy had quesadillas with guacamole and beans. 
I went exploring after eating. 

Now with the big tree gone the iguanas hang out on the tile roof. 
All kinds of things to see in this area. The wall is painted with birds etc. 
Even the side of a cupboard in the kitchen is painted. 
The check out booth. 
A secluded corner area. 
OH! I would love to have one of these cabinets. I know just where I'd put it at home. Do you think they would notice if it went missing?
Lola, the parrots burial place with St Francis standing guard. She lived in the restaurant for years but one day flew out the big doors and was hit by a car. 
Our table and waiter. Bill - the guy with the hat - Nancy and Doug. 
To end the meal you get four types of sweets. Puddings - rice pudding, pineapple pudding, dulce de leche pudding and a sweet tamale. 
Another area of the restaurant. 
And yet more, this is part of the newly repaired area.
On the weekend a couple of the women make tortillas in this area.  It is almost, but not quite, a color overload. 
On the way home, we took the unofficial short cut over the river next to the bridge repair. Bridge is supposed to open in February...
But passing this huge concrete beam laying on the roadway makes me wonder. This must have been a real OOPS. 
So ended another wonderful day. Great town, good food and wonderful friends. Who could ask for more. Oh yah, weather was perfect too. 

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Doug and Nancy said...

And it was, indeed, a wonderful day with you both!