Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Belisario Restaurant Part 3

 The end of our walk in Centro last week. We were going to check out Belisario restaurant for lunch. We were told their old cook was back.  

The weather was perfect for eating outside.
Our meals, all delicious. Enchiladas
Spanish tortilla
For me just plain old American breakfast. Eggs done perfect 
Club sandwich. 
A picture of yesteryear inside the restaurant. It is the building on the right. 
Bill complementing the cook. Will for sure start going back there again. 
Back in the Jeep and heading home. Had to take another detour so saw a few different things. This for sale
A really BLUE and YELLOW building. 
Homes along the way. Sorry for glare from windshield. Like the tile around the window and door. 
Some interesting graffiti. 
Painted rock wall. 
Going up Teniente Jose Azueta. All kinds of shopping along here. Artificial flowers for sale. 
A store that sells all kinds of plastic and kitchen supplies. 
Went past the flower market but didn't get any pictures,  this is on the building next door. 
I asked for some information about the beautiful white building on the "We Love Mazatlan" Facebook page and got this information about it. "It used to be the Ingles Audiovisual and before that it used to be a hospital. The house originally belonged to the Gomezrubio family they sold it to Salvador Campos and now one of his sons and his family live there."
Now we know. 
Some drone video Bill took a couple of days ago. So much building going on to the North of us in Cerritos  Also the private homes directly next to the RV park to the south And a new road behind us into the golf course. All we need over here now is a big grocery store. 

I was looking something up and started to read the history of Mazatlan and the areas around it. Fascinating. If you are interested click here to read it. The city and area around was invaded by several different countries over the years. The little towns around it were burned to the ground several times by the armies. Rather violent history.
Went to WalMart, just some pictures from their baked goods area. These are cute. 
Lots of donuts. 
Valentine's day is coming soon. 
Off on a day trip today. 

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SandyM said...

Great post and great video. Have always admired the huge White House that is so ornate - is it on Carnaval? Your meals from Belisarios look so good - all of them. Big Yum.