Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Carnival Monigotes and Odds and ends

This year is the 125th anniversary of Carnival here in Mazatlan. The theme of Carnival this year is
"Dejavu, Dreams of a Carnival". They are already putting the statues up on the Malecon and in Centro. I guess I shouldn't call them statues - they are really called  Monigotes.  (The term “monigote” is completely colloquial and refers both to a “ridiculous doll or figure made of rags or something similar”, but also to a “poorly made painting or statue”.) There will be ten of them. So far we've seen nine.

This one is at Valentino's. You can stand inside the bottom of the dress for picture 

These are all on the Malecon between Valentino's and the Fisherman's Monument  Not in order of placement.

At the Fisherman's Monument. 
Plazuela Machado
Before Olas Altas in front of Casa del Marino 
Will be on the lookout for the tenth one. Just a few more unusual sights we've come across while driving around.  Interesting, weird, different, pretty, and wondering about. This garage door is in a residential section of Centro and houses an auto repair shop. 
Are they for sale to any one, or being delivered to a specific place?
On the side of a home. Was it once a fountain that worked?
Inside the restaurant La Antigua in Centro a pretty tile fountain.
A beautiful stained glass window, that needs some repair work. 
A bicycle planter. 
In a Panama Bakery window. Elaborate 15th birthday cake. 
The back of a parking lot. A lot of history of different structures there. There is always laundry hanging out of the window on the left. Another window has been bricked up. The freshly painted upper story of another building. Remaining walls of old buildings. What tales could these walls tell?
An interesting old building. Reminds me of a castle. What is its story. What was it when built? What is it now. A single dwelling or apartments. 
Some graffiti seen while driving around. 

More garage doors. 

New murals on this building. 
Beautiful work. 
An ice truck delivering to a beach restaurant on the Malecon. 

A bush trimmed to look like a basket
Where else can you find a Devil's Cave?
Another beautiful mural 
When I see him I wonder if he is thinking  "Why on earth did they paint those beautiful buildings such a drab color? What were they thinking?"
So many things to see and do here. 


SandyM said...

Love your photos of the Monigotes - all of them are so colorful and the size of them is staggering. I need to photograph them, too, to share with friends back home. So far only picture of the one at Plaza Machado - you are way ahead of me. The Don Quixote garage doors are next door to us here in Centro.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy are you in the turquoise house upstairs again?

Contessa said...

Lovely out and photos.

Contessa said...

POST. I have been trying to comment on a few posts but this is the only that I have been able to.

SandyM said...

Yes, Carol, that is correct!

Carol and Bill said...

Contessa - thanks for the comment - there is so much to see here.
Sandy - it must be fun to be right in Centro