Thursday, January 26, 2023

More from Copala part 2

Continuing our day in Copala. Huge bougainvillea on the building up the hill.  Walked up closer to it. 

Alejandro's shop. The red building.
Just a photo I like. Taken from veranda of Alejandro's shop. We have know him for years. So enjoy visiting him a couple of times a year. 
Inside the shop looking out the back door. 
The restaurant. Years ago it was a small hotel and lounge and then not too long ago a mining museum. Now a great restaurant.

All of us at lunch. 
Bill and I had chicken fajitas. Mexican rice and salad. Delicious. And of course pie for desert. 
Walked around the restaurant taking some pictures.  The patio. 
The hotel rooms used to be upstairs. 
Another dining area to the right. There was a party going on there. 
Peaked in this door and found the laundry room. 
The ladies' restroom.
Part of the very old building that hasn't been repaired. 

Parking on the porch. 

The little plaza and the gazebo.
There had been a truck parked in front of the letters. When he saw all of us trying to figure out how to get a picture of them he kindly backed his truck up.  
Notice the pictures on the letters. On the C the church and palm trees. Bananas on the P.  On the A pie. On themining equipment.
On the final A a girl in festive dress dancing. 
I wondered where I'd left my broom. I've missed my night flights! 
Back in the cars and headed out of town. 
LOVE this home with the flowers. I looked trumpet vine  up and it will grow where we live and I know just where I want to plant it. 
Nice looking home with balconies.
I wonder if this would grow at home?
The old Daniel's Restaurant. We ate there several times years past. Closed for quite a while. 
Look at the roots of that big tree. 
Careful guys, you don't want to be dinner. 

Video from the dash cam on the way out of town. Just a different view of coming in. No sound. Click here to view it in full screen.  Does any one do that?

Hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did. 


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Vietnam. I so enjoy your posts. Thank you. So happy you’re having fun. Sending you smiles from “ tomorrow “. Ha. Dirk.

Contessa said...

It s always a pleasure to travel along with you. Your photos are all wonderful.

Doug and Nancy said...

What an awesome day this was!

Carol and Bill said...

Hi Dirk -thank you, always good to hear from you
Contessa - thanks for the comments
Doug and Nancy - glad you enjoyed it.