Wednesday, January 4, 2023


 Another year has passed. Seems like they go faster and faster. I have started to do something that I never thought I'd do. I now sigh off and on. Usually for no reason. What's with that? I always thought that was an old peoples thing. I'm glad the holiday season is almost over - here it lasts until Jan 6th. The last time we "celebrated" Christmas with decorations etc. was our first year in Indiana 2007". I decorated the whole house and we had a real tree. Then we packed every thing up and everything is still in those boxes. I'd like to spend one Christmas at home and decorate again then get rid of every thing. Half of our big shed is full of Christmas stuff. Oh well SIGH!

I got out and walked yesterday, did three miles in 55 minutes and wasn't puffing too hard. Today is a day of rest...Actually we are waiting for the mechanic to come and replace a couple of our tail lights that have quite working. Then we have to get out of here for a while - just for  change of scenery, but there are three cruise ships in today so don't know what we will do. 

But back to the other day. After El Quelite we drove into the little town of Quemado. It is a town of about 700 a little off the tourist route. Watermelons for sale under the tree. 

About 200 homes are still occupied. 
Nice front porch and decorations. 

Check out that cactus on the roof. 
It is huge. Wonder how long it has been growing.  I read once it takes almost 100 years before they grow arms. "at Saguaro National Park, branches normally begin to appear when a saguaro reaches 50 to 70 years of age. In areas of lower precipitation, it may take up to 100 years before arms appear." It must be an old one. At least 50 years. 
Needs some TLC.
I like the stairs going to porch. 
This is a pharmacy according to sign pointing to it. 
Whole family around table on porch. Not sure if they were eating or playing a game. 
Pieces of mats or rugs drying on fence. 
Hum? An old RV sitting way up the hill. 
We stopped and bought a watermelon, very sweet. 
Then we took the dirt road back to the river and the 15 free. Took a little longer to go back then coming did. Lots more traffic. 

Video of interesting ride to river and after river to highway. Sound with it. Click here to view in full screen. 

Then we went to La Martina for lunch. The hills are starting to get brown. It is winter here. I was hoping the pink trees would bloom again this year.

Lots and lots of flowers blooming at La Martina, such a beautiful place. And the food is good. 
I don't think I'd ever noticed the tiles on the bottom of this fountain.
The living cactus fence.
Several of these strange cacti.
Pretty tiles on the steps. 

An interesting butterfly? moth?  Lots of colors on it. 

Last couple of days just hanging around RV. Tried to watch Rose Parade but so many commercials I just turned it off. They didn't show half the floats. Then went to WalMart to get a few things. New Years Day we went to Torres for breakfast. Always nice. 

We went to breakfast at La Antigua near us this morning with another couple here in the RV park. Mechanic came and tail lights now working on Jeep. The wind has picked up again, but other than that it is still nice out. Three cruise ships in town yesterday. Over 14000 tourists ... 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Those cruise ships were a menace in Newfoundland! You can always recognize them in town!

gumo said...

Simply awesome photos today! Beautiful and your captions are spot on! We love your blog, especially in Mexico. Thank you for taking us along.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - next week on two days there will be three ships in. Going to stay out of town those days.
Gumo - thank you. Glad I can share it with you.