Sunday, January 29, 2023

Eye candy. The many colors of Mazatlan

The only theme to this blog is the "the many colors" pictures where something caught my eye and I've been able to get the camera focused in time to snap the picture. Some of these are from walking around Centro, but most are from driving around. See the bushes growing out of the buildings. 

The green door and the green post really stand out. And the bush growing out of the top of the building.
Not a color combination I would pick, but it goes together okay. I know the iron work is for protection but it adds a romantic look to the building. 
They were still working on painting Pedro and Lolas - they should be finished now. Too bad they couldn't paint the whole building a different color. 
Interesting long "beans" on this tree. I think I remember someone telling me they were edible. 
The gazebo in the Plazuela Machado. No one took care of the poinsettias all but one are dead. And the gazebo itself needs lots of TLC.
PiƱatas hanging in the trees at a restaurant in the plaza. 
Down an old narrow street. Each building a different color.
Nicely brought back to life. 
Each color is a different home or business. 
Some have added a second story, some have removed the second story. What tales they could tell. 
I think that might be a restaurant up on the roof. Not sure. I like the lavender building. But only the front is painted. 
The blue one is for sale. Brain storm! I'd like to look at some of them that are for sale. 
Even colors inside a restaurant. 
Beautiful tile work inside the whole restaurant that used to be an old home. 
Even the outside window sills are tiles.
Sunrise the other morning. There haven't been any really amazing ones that I've been up to see this year. But this one is nice. 
There are supposed to be 10 Carnaval Monigotes but so far have only seen 9. Still looking though. I've been in a rather melancholy mood lately. No real reason why. But I think it has to do with something I was told years ago by a Palm Reader. A bunch of us girls, yes girls, in our early 20s went for a lark. I remember some of the things he told me. I was a divorced mother of two sons at the time. He told me I would have five sons, I would live in a Spanish speaking country (lots of laughs then.) And as I got older my legs would bother me and I'd be in a wheelchair and a son would take care of me. And I'd live to be 84.Well so far I had five sons and lived in Argentina for awhile and spend every winter in Mexico. Luckily my health, legs and mobility are still quite good and I'm half way into my 84th year. But it bothers me a little...Two out of four...No I don't really believe it...
We found two more monigotes that makes 11.

Every time we go out a new experience.


SandyM said...

Such a great post; I love the colors of the buildings, too. I noticed that Pedro and Lola’s has added just a bit of color at the windows. Do you know who decides what color a building can be painted in Historical Centro; does the owner have any say? Often I have wanted to look at a house I see that is for sale but the fact that I would only be a “lookie-lou” keeps me from taking up a realtors time.

Kathy Tycho said...

Funny as I really like the purple and yellow combination! My mother died at 58, Dad at 69 and my Granny at 72. My goal was to outlive them and at 73 I've made it. Next year when you're 85 in Mexico you'll forget all about the fortune telleršŸ˜‰

Carol and Bill said...

SandyM - I kind of feel the same way about the realtors. But I sure would like to get inside some of those homes. Wish they h ad open houses once in a while. I don't know for sure but the city painted those two buildings a few years ago when they were hosting a big travel convention. In fact they painted most of the buildings on Constitucion then
Kathy - I'm trying to talk Bill into the trip from La Noria to Recodo...Your last one sounds neat too. Well I plan on being around for a long time yet...God willing. Except for my dad all my relatives lived to late 80's