Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Marina and more Centro

The other night we decided we wanted pizza so went to the Marina to go to La Mona for take out. It didn't used to open until 5: p.m. Now the open at one. 

La Mona Marina 
While waiting we walked around the marina. Lots of restaurants and bars there. Most of them seemed pretty nice. Snapped pictures of a lot of them. 
This one, Gus Gus, has been there for a long time. 
Looks like a night club - just a guess on my part. Quite pretty though inside and out. 
Small but interesting. At far end of Marina walkway. 
Just some of the boats in the Marina. Sure a lot more than the last few years. Glad to see that. 

This is an interesting restaurant and quite busy. Bill walking by the neon wings out if front of it. 
More from same restaurant. Like the seating. 
Some art work inside. 
And outside. 
On interior wall of one of the restuarants. See lots of wings around town.
And the next day we took another trip to Centro. Hadn't noticed this pretty tree at one of the new buildings in the Golden Zone. 
Out at the observatory again, New additions to the outside. 
Sea horse
And octopus with diving helmet. Interesting. 
Just looking down towards the breakwater. big ship outside . All the pretty globe lights. 
Five different colors, five different homes.
Back into Panama bakery. More yummy looking cakes. 
Bill bought some pastries this time. 
Colorful home.
They have just repainted this building. Last time we saw it it was being repaired ready to paint. 
A side street in Centro business district. 
Have to share this. Bill bought it for me. A wooden painted humming bird. So fragile and pretty. The back. 
The belly
A close up of the wing feathers. 
And yesterday we took a short trip to Cerritos - just to get out and walk around. Today, guess where we went - hint - check header. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Always interesting things to see!

Carol and Bill said...

Have you gone to the observatory. I want to take the tour.