Saturday, January 14, 2023

Friday the 13th a walk around Centro part1

Friday we went to Centro, just for something to do and to check out the new cook at Bellisario. The first picture is actually taken from the car. Just one of the older buildings. Probably built around the mid to late 1800's.

We parked in the lot at the corner of the Plazuela Machado. Right across the street is the Juarez building where the restaurant Pedro and Lola's is located. Looks like the restaurant is about to get a paint job. 
The Juarez building was built in the mid 1800's. It has a wrap around 2nd floor iron balcony. At one time the German Club, the Benito Juarez Group and the Lions Club held meetings on the 2nd floor.  On the first floor there was a hardware store, medical offices, a pharmacy and a publishing firm. Also the first movie ever screened in Sinaloa was shown there in 1897.
Any way - back to Pedro and Lola. Scraping old peeling paint off. 
The painter is showing Bill the original, first coat of paint, on the building. It was blue. 
Lot of scraping left to do. Unfortunately they are going to paint it the same dull beige color again. I think it should be a bright paint color. But who listens to me?
Just some pretty tile work in the middle of a building's outside wall. It lasts longer than cement and paint. 
Another beautiful building in Plazuela Machado. A bit of trivia -"The plaza was once a marsh area fed by the ocean, but in 1832 a sea wall was constructed along Olas Altas. That helped dry out the area and made it suitable for construction of larger buildings. The Plazuela Machado was originally constructed in 1837 and is the oldest in Mazatlan."  The first Pulmonia - the little golf cart like taxis - were built in this building. It is now a music and art school. 
Just an interesting door we passed as we walked up Constitucion. Is it old or new?
The following pictures are from the Gandarva Bazar still on ConstitucionWe walked way to the back of the narrow building. Look at those old beams and the walls. 
The side wall looking up, no roof up there. Plants growing out of the cement walls. 
Many different and interesting things to look at that are for sale. But I like the building itself. 
What every home needs, a flat iron. 
The floors are tile, beautiful tile. Next to the floor is an old wooden beam and then part of the brick wall. 
The old ceiling beams and interesting chandler also blown glass ornaments hanging from ceiling. 
There is a little pond with stepping stones in the middle of the store. Plants and statues next to it. 
More walls and plants. And items for sale.
Back outside continuing our walk on Constitucion. Very narrow street when there are cars parked there. Some of the cars have their side mirrors pulled in. 
Just newly repainted building - with in last couple of weeks - on corner of Constitucion and Benito Juarez. 
Benito Juarez was blocked off - fixing the huge holes in the street maybe. Where the pile of dirt and paving stones is used to be a large four inch deep hole. Hope it is cleaned up and fixed. 
Street cleaning equipment; didn't see the cleaner though. 
Corner of Angel Flores and Benito Juarez - there are new trash cans all over Centro. 
Panama restaurant and bakery. Vendor with colorful wares outside of it. Stuffed toys of some sort. 
We went on up to the big Central Market - Mercado Pino Suarez. 
More tomorrow. 

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