Friday, January 13, 2023

Back to Mazatlan on the highway to Marmol detour

Leaving El Quelite we again got on the dirt detour over the river. But ran into some unexpected experiences. Very little traffic coming towards us.

Laundry hanging out to dry. I hope the watering of the road keeps the dust down.

A short video of the unexpected ...Detour was closed!  Off in the distance we could see the big yellow cranes were lifting something. Probably the beams we passed on the way in.  Click here to view video in full screen. 

From now on we will take the official detour past Marmol. Before the highway was so full of pot holes you couldn't miss them all. 
The road has been repaved from 15libre to Marmol. Nice smooth drive. 
Marmoll has a population of about 560 . There are about 200 inhabited homes. All have electric, water and sanitary facilities. 
Just some pictures of the town.

Since we drove around the town last, in the  spring, the church has been repainted. I love it! Such a happy color.
Chicken crossing the road...
The central plaza and gazebo 

More pictures of the church and the Papel Picado strung over the roads. 

The homes are built with shared walls. 
Lots of satellite TV dishes. 
Looks like they are doing some remodeling. 

A school
The plant that closed down several years ago. 

Wall surrounding the factory grounds.
A couple of neat murals. 

Leaving Marmol heading home. 
Highway is paved from Marmol to the 15D.  For sure will go this way from now on to go to El Quelite or north. It is longer but now easier on the Jeep. 
Another fun day. 


Anonymous said...

Love the small towns and all the colors

Mark said...

Love the color of the church. Imagine if we painted a church at home that color.

gumo said...

I love driving on new, smooth quiet pavement. Enjoy it while you can!😀

Ruth's Life is Good said...

WOW, love that church!! I certainly can't imagine any church in our area being painted with those colors. Heck you would be shunned if you painted your house that color let alone the church 😁😁.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Love the church!!!!!

Payson48 said...

I want to own a paint store in Mexico !!

SandyM said...

Have enjoyed your posts and it is good to travel around the countryside with you, Bill, Willie and your captured tourists. I, too, love the brightly painted buildings and wish the bright paint would return to the buildings in the Plaza Machada. Looking at the freshly painted church just puts a smile on your face - it is so happy looking. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us.