Thursday, January 12, 2023

Another trip tp El Quelite

 We took another day trip to El Quelite. And again took the 15free road to the bridge repair. Then the dirt road over the river. 

The turn off to the dirt road. 
A whole line of stopped cars in front of us. Must be some work going on holding up the traffic. 
Finally on our way. They are moving the big beams again.
And another one.
So here is the video from the dash cam. From the 15 free highway to the Marmol highway. It was an interesting trip this time. Video is about nine minutes and has no sound. Click here to watch it in full screen. Around the first of December there was a piece in the paper here that a section of the NEW El Quelite bridge had collapsed. It also said they had planned on reopening it in two weeks. My personal opinion is the entire bridge is nowhere near being ready to reopen. Let alone a month ago. 
Do you think it is ready to reopen soon?
We take this route because the official detour around Marmol is a mess. The road is more pot hole than asphalt. Little did we know...
One of the homes on the dirt road. I bet they hate all the traffic and dust this is causing
Didn't take a picture of the arch this time. Hardly any traffic in town. Colorful home and plants and flowers. 
I'm sorry I just love the colors. Easier to take a picture this time with no one and no horses in the street. 
The El Meson d Los Laureanos Restaurant. Colors and more colors.
During a non-holiday week there are only a few vendors out. 
Easy entrance into the restaurant no crowd at all. They've done a lot of redecorating. Haven't see some of the things on this wall before. 
And this wall wasn't here the first time we came here this year. 
Walked through the restaurant out to the wash area. I know I took almost the same picture last time. But I didn't notice the two birds painted on the plow. A Chacalaka and a Magpie Jay. And a little boy on a donkey. 
More colors. Makes me want to go home and repaint our house. The HOA would have a fit!
This whole wall has been repainted including the woman. She has also been repaired, used to have a broken arm. 
Back in the big front area that used to be covered by the big tree. Another new paint job. Lots of colorful birds on the wall. 
Just taking a nap. 
The main gates from the side road. 
Bill talking to the doctor, Marco, who owns the restaurant. We ate lunch there but again I forgot to take pictures. I had very good quesadillas with meat.
Sure looks different from the wall hanging I did last summer. Maybe I'll have to make a new one with all the new colors. 
The Jeep parked at the end of the road. 
One of the colorful homes - taken through the car window so there is some glare.
I forgot to take the picture of this when we came in so took it when we left. I wish we had something like this in our back yard. 
Functional mode of transportation here. 
More on the trip back next time. Very enlightening.


Kathy Tycho said...

We took the detour road by Marmol on Tuesday and it was much improved. Lots of new pavement and the potholes have been filled. Can't do the river on the Harley

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - we took it on the way back too. The dirt road was closed as they were lifting a beam.